pop3 mail account not able to send out

Internal mail i can send through my server and receive mail.  Sending out to a yahoo account or to whatever, i'm not able to send out.  Can someone please helpout.  This is my exchange test box i'm running on. Windows 2003 server with exchange 2003...

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sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
check the outgoing mail server. give the outgoing mail server for your ISP

for example I have comcast at home and give outgoing mail server as smtp.comcast.net and i would be able to send emails to any domain address whereas if i put my college mail server, it will go only to emails sent to people having my college email address
helpdesk_sjAuthor Commented:
??  i've created an account for user@win2k3.com  so is this account incoming & outgoing mail server?  
>  i've created an account for user@win2k3.com

who is giving you email services . Are you running from your own mail server. what is your ISP ?
helpdesk_sjAuthor Commented:
i'm running my own exchange server through my company..it's just a test box.. but i wanna send external mail.  My server doesn have a hard coded ip addresss..
Mob-bomConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For a pop account, you would probably want something like http://www.mapilab.com/exchange/pop3_connector for receiving and sending external mail if your exchange box is not hosting your mail.
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