Double :: ?

What does the "::" mean in front of GetPrivateProfileString?
    ::GetPrivateProfileString("SECTION", "Area", "", szBuffer, sizeof(szBuffer), "MY.INI");
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bcladdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In C++ the same name can appear in different scopes: namespace, class, struct. So:

int someFunciton() {
  // global scope

class A {
  int someFunction() {
    // in the scope of class A
    // RIGHT HERE: How could you call the global function?
    // Specify the scope of the function as in

the full name of the inner function is A::someFunction. The :: with nothing in front of it refers to the global scope.

HTH, -bcl
venkateshwarrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is called "scope resolution operator", used to resolve the scope of the function GetPrivateProfileString
sticarAuthor Commented:
resolve the scope?  meaning?
sticarAuthor Commented:
Ok... Thanks!
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