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How to configure a HP JetDirect J2382B to access the connected printer from Windows 2000

msalsman asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-19
I have installed Windows 2000 on a Intel box in the office, and need to access the HP Inkjet printer.  I have three HP LaserJets where I can set an IP address through the printer configuration menus, and they are all functioning.

I do not know how to access the JetDirect device and set up an IP address on it.  When I press the test button on the device, it just gives the LAN Hardware address for the interface.  I can't figure out whether it is configurable by telnet, and if so, without an IP address, how can I get to it?

This is the only color printer in the office, and I need to get it operational in fairly short order.

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hi msalsman
what is the brand and model of the printer, is it attached physically to your machine or have ethernet port?


It is an HP DeskJet 855C, which is connected by parallel cable to the HP JetDirect J2382B device (I gather a print server), which is connected to our office ethernet.  I want to use our Windows 2000 as the print server for queuing, due to some of the size of some of the files that we spool.

If the HP JetDirect had a fixed IP address, it would be a simple issue.  

download drivers from here, if prompted for user name and password, type drivers as user name and all as password, or just register yourself...
you dont have the cd/floppy for the jetdirect?


Nope ... when I joined this office, my predecessor must have taken some of the software, or installed his own copy ...


I've done some research, and it appears from documentation at HP, that I need a BOOTP server that will respond to the BOOTP request from the JetDirect Print Server.  So it's off to figure what I need to install on my Windows 2000 server to support it.

Thanks for your help.
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