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How and where is a mailrule processed?

I created a new mailrule, sent myself some mail but the rule didn't process the incoming mail. I tried to find the agent that should be processing the incoming mails and rules, but couldn't find one. Maybe "they" invented something new, like special varaibles the router acts upon, but I'd very much like to know.

Btw Notes and Domino 6.0.3 on a Linux server.

Thanks for your assistance!
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No agent.  They are processed by the router.  The dialog code translates all the rules into a big formula which is compiled and placed on the mail owner profile (calendar profile).

Server rules are also processed by the router.  I haven't checked to see if the rules are only maintained in the nab, or if the UI also takes the compiled formula and puts it somewhere.

But, in all cases, the router processes the rules.  In the case of mail file rules, it is processed at the same time as "run agent before mail is delivered," while in the, it is processed one step before that.
Is "Don't Allow headline monitoring" enabled in your databse properties ??

For that

1.      Disable the "Don't allow headline monitoring" option under File, Database, Properties, Advanced (beanie) tab.
2.      Create a new temporary rule.
3.      Send an email to verify that the problematic rule is now functioning.
4.      Enable the "Don't allow headline monitoring" option if so desired.
5.      Delete the temporary rule.

It is kind of addin task not visible to console, attached to router task.
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I'll explain some more, for I cannot get my rule to work.

My wife Caroline also has and Internet mail account. SInce she isn't online a lot, I enabled a rule at the mail provider's (that one works!) that copies her mail to my account. When receiving this mail, I assume the To is filled with her mail name, so I have the following rule:
   WHEN To contains aroline THEN move to folder Caroline

Needless to say, I created a folder Caroline for this purpose.

Whatever I try, all mails that are copied to me I receive in my Inbox, there's never anything in the folder. I'll rephrase my question:

"How can I find out that a message is copied to me but originally meant for someone else?"

I'm going to set up a simple rule, just to find out if this rules-business is indeed operational on the server.
Drat! Forget the rephrase!

I suddenly know why this isn't going to work. The mail is actually received on another server, then replicated to the local server (it's a difficult setup for the local server doesn't have a fixed IP). Furthermore, to conserve space, the local server only does a pull-replication, so rules will never arrive at the other replica. Nor the Caroline folder.

Supposedly agents triggered by "When new mail arrives" won't function either... I'll have to do with "When documents are created or modified".

Or do you have a better idea??
Is this mail you receive from a pop3 accouont?
In that case it's possible to have rules processed locally, you just need to install an extra .dll and add a line to notes.ini.
I've got this working at home in my 6.5 client for my private POP3 mail.
Unfortunately I don't remember the URL where you can download the needed files, but I've got it in my favourites at home. I'll look it up and add it to this question tonight or tomorrow.


The mail arrives on a distant Domino-server and is put into my mailfile over there. This mailfile is then replicated to the local server (different domain). So all router-dependent actions should probably be set up on the remote Domino-server. After that, it's just replication.


So?  ONe time only, modify the "distant" Domino ail file, and set up the rules where it will do some good!

Jerrith, I am very interested in hearing about the local mail rule processing capability.  Please dig it out.
OK. I will. Forgot about it yesterday, but will surely do it tonight.
Just sent myself en email at home as a reminder :-)
The remote server is being my control, i.e. I cannot open it directly, I've got no rights on that server. I'd like to replicate my rules out there, but is this possible, to set up replication in such a way that the mail is pulled into my direction and that all other stuff is replicated both ways? I want to reduce the size of the remote replica as much as I can, and to reduce the amount of communication as well. This will be a difficult rpel. formule, I suppose. And, will the mail rule, once replicated, operate at the other side??
What I would simply do is set a short purge interval, e.g., 20 days, on the remote server, and enable doc purge.  Then, you can replicate both ways, and the largest the file will ever grow is 21 days of mail.

It is theoretically possible to set things up so that design goes both ways, but docs do not get pushed up to the remote server.  Of course, ruls are not design, they are data, but the compiled rules are on a profile doc, which I believe is considered design.  However, I don't think this will be an effective way for you to deal with the setup.  Perhaps if you could describe what is really going on, we could help you out more.
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Thanks, I'll test this. Give me some days and I'll come back to you.

Btw: typo in my previous post, "The server is BEYOND my control..." :)
Ah, that explains it. I thought you were having Big Brother issues or something :-)
As you mentioned ... You could set up a very simple agent to run on new and modified documents.  This is certainly easier than complicated replication schemas.  Or has this morphed into I will do it by mail rules or be damned?

****Jerrith thanks for posting that I link I am interested in trying it too.

Two odd related things
1)Has anyone noticed that mail rules can sort of stop working from time to time.. IE i have a lot of server messages from various clients that are sent to my account that for example if it has dead mail in it Ijust delete.  Every so often it just stops working.  Usually a disable/enable of the rule sets it straight.  Just another undocumented feature I presume.  

2)If you do multiple things to a message within a rule some things won't execute. But if you set up separate rules it will.  I'll have to check with my client that encouuntered this but I think he tried to move it to a folder and send a copy and in the same rule it failed but in 2 separate rules it worked. (I would have thought the opposite was true.)

Hm, haven't encountered these problems yet, but then again the mail rules I've set up are fairly simple 'move to folder' stuff.
Haven't tested jerrith's contribution yet, but I wanted to close this question. Since most people here seem to be glad with his post, I decided to let him have it. The points, that is.

Thanks all!
You're welcome.
If you get a chance, try it out and let us know if it also worked for you.