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Which File Contains A Control

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Last Modified: 2013-11-25
How can I tell what the file name is that contains a VB control?  For example, what file contains the "Line" control in Visual Basic 6?


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load up the OLE/COM Object viewer look for your control then just see what file it belongs to
Line control is in VB6.OLB (you can usually find this in your Object Browser).  Are you asking this generally or some type of programmatic method?
Msvbvm60.dll contains Line control :) In fact, this is not a control at all I think.
All of the default VB "controls" - line, shape, label, text box, picture box, etc. - are built into the Form designer, and aren't real controls.

The type information for the controls in in VB6.OLB.  The implementation of the form designer and all the built-in controls is in MSVBVM60.DLL.


So, if it's not really a control, then I wouldn't be able to add it to my Visual Basic.NET 2003 toolbox?

To add a control to VB .Net just...

Add User Control from the Solution Explorer...unless what your trying to do is really add vb6 controls to VB .Net


Yes, I'm trying to add the Vb6 line control to VB.NET, which doesn't seem to have a line control..
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