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Monitor/Video card Problem

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Last Modified: 2013-11-08
Ok, the problem is this: I have an MSI GeForce FX 4 with 128mb of ram I believe.  Now every so often at completely random times my monitor will just shut off.  I could never figure out why but recently I plugged in my other monitor when this happened and the screen was all messed up as if I tried to set the display resolution extremely high.  Sometimes it reverts back to normal within seconds and sometimes I need to completely reset my computer.

My monitor that gives me the problems is an Imago 15HX and the monitor that showed me all the garbage when this happens isan Imago 14HX. (Funny thing, my monitor just did it again for about 2 seconds while typing that last phrase).

If you need anymore details just ask, I'm just not really sure what would be relevant.
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I don't think it's your monitor; I think you have described your video card sending strange signals that your monitor can't handle, so it displays nothing.  Try a different video card; if it continues, then your monitor is beginning to die (if it is a CRT, this is normal after extended use over years).


Well This has happened on both my video cards, GeForce 2 MX and GeForce 4 FX.  And the monitor is CRT and very old.  I got it second hand from my fathers workplace for free =S
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Oh, darn =S Thank you =)
i agree with Callandor

I just purchased a new monitor the other day.  It is a Samsung SyncMaster 955DF.  I have to say that for the price it is an amazing monitor and I highly reccommend it.  cost was 199 at Best Buy, if you are in America and it is a 19" that is 18" veiwable.  
that is the reason we can't tell her about the video card.  ;)   She was complaining about that and I actually needed it.  lol
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You're too much, buckeyes33 ;-)
am I?  lol
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