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Stupid Question

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Last Modified: 2013-11-09
Can you plug in a PCI-X card into a standard PCI slot.  The Card appears to be longer than the standard slot.

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no you cannot. you need a pci-x slot to do this.
Sorry for ya, but PCI-X is an up and coming technology, so just wait for it, it'll come ^_^
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That is not true.  PCI-X cards will fit in PCI slots; they just won't operate at higher bandwidth than PCI.  PCI bandwidth is 532MB/sec max, PCI-X bandwidth is 1.06GB/sec max.



I saw on a web site that you can plug them in and they will "just hang over" the extra bit that is a 64 bit PCI vs a 32 bit PCI.  Has anyone done this?  I have several older Dell Poweredge 2450's that I must upgrade to 1 Gb/s NICs and all I see available are the larger PCI-X 64 bit NICs and all I have are the smaller 32 bit PCI slots.  Just strikes me as odd.

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Take a look at the link I posted, it says the cards are physically compatible as far as fitting the regular PCI slot.
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Oh and it isn't a stupid question.  Regarding PCI-X and PCI-Express, they are different technologies.  PCI-X is backwards compatible, whereas PCI Express is NOT.  PCI-X, like PCI, is a serial bus.  PCI Express is a parallel bus.  Just more FYI.
That's what it was, I was thinking of PCI-Express, heh, sorry bout that!
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