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Posted on 2004-03-30
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Last Modified: 2013-12-16
ok so i created a MS SQL db , but now i cannot link to it.

 I WOULD like to create a database in my C:/Cfusion/wwroot folder and not in ProgramFiles/MicsoSQL/Data folder.

Is that possible? How? I cannot create a new database in anywhere but ProgramFiles/MicsoSQL/Data folder.

Now i have an mdf in wwroot, but it does not show in enterprise manager?

This is bothering me because i need to seelct it so i can create a super user for it , and then an ODBC datasource so i can use it with coldfusion.

I think it needs to be in my wwwroot to work for coldfusion
Question by:finnstone

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basically my site stopped working and i dont know why, all i did was change from access to sql (first experience with sql) and i have a host.

i posed the question aboce because now i am testing on my computer, the host took care of my sql stuff so the problem has to do with the code i used

all i i did was change

all instances of cfquery datasource="#Application.DataSource#"


cfquery datasource="#Application.DataSource#" username="xxxxxx" password="xxxxx"

I also changed my application.cfm file to

<cfset Application.DataSource = "blueprintdatabase">

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This seems to be a continuation of your other questions (with more detail), so I'll try to answer completely.  If this answers your other questions, please make sure to follow up on them, too.

SQL Server does not behave the same way as Access.  You do not connect to the MDF file.  You connect to the server and select a database.  The default location for the database files is (I think), \Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\Data, though you can point a database to a different location when you create the database (either with Query Analyzer (QA) or Enterprise Manager (EM)).  Please look at "CREATE DATABASE" in the books online.  If you are creating the database in EM, look at the "Location" box in the "Data Files" or "Transaction Log" tabs of the "Database Properties" box.  I would highly recommend that you not put the mdf and ldf files anywhere in your web document tree.  They should not be accessible from any URL.  You might want to create a folder called "Data" under "Inetpub" for the SQL data files that is not world-readable.

If you wish to move a data file, then you need to detach the database, move the data file, and reattach the db (see "sp_detach_db" in Books Online).

As for ColdFusion, it comes with native SQL Server drivers that you should use instead of ODBC.  On the datasources page, enter a name for your datasource (this can be anything, it's just a description to use in your CFQUERY's) and select Microsoft SQL Server as the type.  Then, the database name is the name of your database in SQL Server, the server is the hostname or IP address running SQL Server (i.e. localhost) and the username and password are a SQL Server user name.  Your SQL Server should be set for mixed-mode, and you should have created the user in EM with access to the database.
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I think it needs to be in my wwwroot to work for coldfusion -- No.  This does not matter, the ODBC connection takes care of the information.

This may sound like a stupid question, but:
Is your host providing a SQL-Server for your database to attach to at the other end ?
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by:Anthony Perkins
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No refund as finnstone never responded to the experts

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