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link to a mdf database

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Last Modified: 2013-12-16
ok so i created a MS SQL db , but now i cannot link to it.

 I WOULD like to create a database in my C:/Cfusion/wwroot folder and not in ProgramFiles/MicsoSQL/Data folder.

Is that possible? How? I cannot create a new database in anywhere but ProgramFiles/MicsoSQL/Data folder.

Now i have an mdf in wwroot, but it does not show in enterprise manager?

This is bothering me because i need to seelct it so i can create a super user for it , and then an ODBC datasource so i can use it with coldfusion.

I think it needs to be in my wwwroot to work for coldfusion
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basically my site stopped working and i dont know why, all i did was change from access to sql (first experience with sql) and i have a host.

i posed the question aboce because now i am testing on my computer, the host took care of my sql stuff so the problem has to do with the code i used

all i i did was change

all instances of cfquery datasource="#Application.DataSource#"


cfquery datasource="#Application.DataSource#" username="xxxxxx" password="xxxxx"

I also changed my application.cfm file to

<cfset Application.DataSource = "blueprintdatabase">
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I think it needs to be in my wwwroot to work for coldfusion -- No.  This does not matter, the ODBC connection takes care of the information.

This may sound like a stupid question, but:
Is your host providing a SQL-Server for your database to attach to at the other end ?
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