500 globes --- SMS ready made software with Gateway configuration???Hi,

Posted on 2004-03-31
Last Modified: 2011-09-20

I am in Web Programming with more than 2 years in my belt, but have no knowledge regarding SMS and mobile connectivities.

I am in need of an SMS software which holds the option for Gateway configuration. I have to integrate it on a website. So can anyone let me know about it???

500 globes for the solution...!!!

Question by:khurram007
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Not sure if this is of any use


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by:Marcus Bointon
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I use clickatell: Their HTTP interface is excellent: they have some example PHP code here:

It's very easy to get this up and running, and also very low-cost. They are the only "professional" service like this I've found, and I've been looking for 3 years.
Note that clickatell is SEND ONLY. Because of their polled nature, email-based gateways like Mobius are a poor choice for things like delivery tracking or reverse messaging.

Having tried to get direct gateway access through many European network operators, I can tell you that it's basically impossible. You have to go through somone like Clickatell. Otherwise you looking at at least $2000/network/month.

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I want to develop in ASP. Is it supported???

Plus I only want a gateway software not the services... a software which can be configured to use various gateways. Does Clickatelll fullfills my requirements???

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by:Marcus Bointon
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It doesn't really make any difference what language you use - it's just an HTTP CGI-style interface (they also have an XML interface if you're happier with that), so you can use any language you like, PHP, ASP, Java or whatever. The code to talk to Clickatell will be pretty similar across all of them.

Clickatell acts like a single high-level gateway in that you only need to talk to them, and they route messages through multiple gateways to a very large number of networks. They deal with the complexities of varying network configurations and availability so you don't have to.

You did ask this question in a web scripting languages area, so I think it's a fair assumption that you wanted a scripted solution! I've not encountered any desktop app, or even an off-the-shelf server (other than very expensive ones) that goes as far as clickatell.

There are quite a few dektop apps that purport to act as multiple network gateways, but nearly all of them rely on the availability of free access to networks with little or no route redundancy, i.e. they're usually unreliable and may stop working altogether at any time. Also as desktop apps, they almost by definition cannot deal with things like delivery or error reporting.

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Thanks for quick and detail reply... I think I havn't cleared my question yet. Let me explain a bit...

I want to have an SMS gateway software.... regardless of any SMS gateway provider. I want to configure it myself for whatever SMS gateway I want to switch, or may be using mutliple ones same time. So can u tell me if there is any such software???

Hope I have made it bit clearer now.

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Marcus Bointon earned 500 total points
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OK, in that case something like Mobius is probably a workable solution (though you'd need to create your own web gateway for it - and I'm assuming that's why you asked about it in this forum). However, it would also work out much more expensive and less reliable (you have to deal with gateway configuration yourself) than Clickatell. If you already have details of the gateways you want to forward to, it should not be too hard to roll your own gateway as most public ones just provide an email based service (which is what Mobus relies on), so the task for a scripting language is not much more than setting up a basic forwarder which gets called by your mail server.

If you want to set up a true SMS gateway, you'll need to learn all about GSM modems (Mobius can talk to them too), and arrange accounts with each network you want access to, plus, you'll need to be in range of the networks you want to send to (or else rely on network roaming agreements from your home network). As I said before, most mobile networks make it very difficult to get proper network access to SMS services, and it's extremely expensive - the networks are just not interested in selling access to SMS services. When it comes to MMS, it's even worse.

I should point out that I'm not affiliated with Clickatell, I'm just a satisfied customer!

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