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I have a button on a form  called "Send". It sends an email using a simple action. In the action I pointed the "To" field
to a text box (User Name)in my form. So I can type in the name of a user and click on send and an email gets sent.
This works fine but if I want to send an email to more than one user in does not work. So, If I type in two names in the
text box i.e John Doe, Alen Green, I get an error saying "User not found in mail database".

How do I fix this so I can send mail to multiple users.
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pgloorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I dont understand exactly what you are trying to do.

However, if it works for one user make sure the text box is multi-value.

apparitionAuthor Commented:
P.S I will award bonus points
The text box in your form should be enabled to allow multi values.. to allow more than one name

apparitionAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to send a document as email to a bunch of people.
In a text box I type in their names and click on "Send". Then
the document gets sent to those people.

What do you mean by "text box is multi-value. "?
apparitionAuthor Commented:
thanks I enabled "multiple-value" in the text box and it worked.
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