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Cannot embed objects in Word

r0guenj asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2009-08-31
My system:

dell optiplex gx270
win 2000 sp3
ie 5.5 sp2
office 2000 sr-1a
nac corporate edition 8.0

i get an error when trying to embed items into word or when i receive word documents with embedded objects.
out of 10 gx270's, half can open them and half cannot. they all have the same software and hardware configs and i am unable to narrow down why some workstations can open or create documents with embedded objects.

the error is:

microsoft word can't start the application required to open this object.
an error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. would you like to repair this feature now?

clicking yes brings up this error:

the server application, source file, or item cannot be found.
make sure that the application is properly installed, and that it has not been deleted, moved, or renamed.

my ms research brings up these kb articles, none which seem to apply exactly to my situation:

thanks for the help!
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Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services Center
Top Expert 2004



that was one of the kb articles that came up. however we are using corporate edition which (in our case) does not install an office plugin.

just to be safe, i did stop nav services.

also, a detect and repair as well as a full re-install did not correct the problem.

i logged in as a local admin to see if this was in some way related to their profiles (we have had several issues with profiles that caused abnormal problems) but this occurs even then.

Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services Center
Top Expert 2004

Are you using ghosts?


we use ghost to archive machines but not as an installed program.


increased points....can anyone shed some light on this or is there additional info needed?

Make sure your users have proper permissions to install apps on the machine - if you want them to.  Otherwise, log on as the admin (local or domain) and attempt to open a doc with an embedded object or embed an object in the doc.  To me this is sounding like a permissions issue.

Since this is a corporate network, I'm assuming a high speed connection to the Internet...therefore you may want to check for viruses and/or spyware that may be causing this problem.  That is probably a long-shot, but it never hurts to check.



these particular users already have admin priviliges on their machines. i have checked that these machines are virus free also. and i have tried logging in as local admin and using different profiles. anyone who logs on (even the local admin account) gets this error.

after further testing earlier today, it seems that ONLY the users who have (i think it is from SYBASE) powerbuilder installed on their machines are affected.


i have set up another test machine (with the same software as the workstations) and had one of the affected users login. When this user logged in, he did not get an error, but was still unable to embed objects or open embedded documents.

When the local admin is logged in, this works, and when I log into the machine, I do not experience any issues.

What I have seen so far points towards the user machines having something corrupted and then having it follow them through their profile.

So right now, I am going to backup their network and local profiles, and have it recreated when they login to a machine.


At this point it looks like it is a local machine problem affecting the profile. After renaming the users' profile (and logging into a new machine), they were able to embed objects successfully.

However, logging into their workstation is unchanged.


I meant to say that I renamed their network AND local profiles so that it would be recreated.


I am currently working on a duplicate of one of the affected machines. I can duplicate this error with the local admin account. I have removed, repaired, and re-installed with no change.


As an update, I have stripped this duplicate machine down to what is a normally installed and working configuration. However, this has not rectified the problem (I attribute this to something that is still corrupt or installed and I am unable to see it).

I am going to create a new machine so if anyone has any other suggestions, I will just ask that the question be closed.


if anyone is interested, a co-worker had a problem with frontpage and discovered that the fix for frontpage fixed this error with excel.

fix for the issue described above:

regsvr32 c:\winnt\system32\ole32.dll
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