Stuck in Ghost virtual partition, can't boot to Windows any more

I used Ghost 2003 from witin Windows to perform a system backup (C drive of Win 2000 server). Alas, the system disk is a raid 1 disk array (mirroring), which happens to be unsupported.
When booted into pc-dos, ghost simply hangs. The utility to get back into windows, ghreboot, also hangs. A Partition Magic boot floppy reports partition table error #113. Looks like Ghost screwed up things thoroughly.

Result: no way to boot up my server, users screaming to access their data.

Question: how can i get rid of this virtual partition and reboot my server?
This is very urgent, I NEED to get that server back up again ASAP !!!!
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GhostModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Use the Win2k Server CD to boot from, and have it run a repair, or use the recovery console to run the FIXMBR or other fix options.

I hope this helps !
ALso :
NOTE: You can use this method if you are not able to start your computer in Safe mode.
    Start your computer with the Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks, or with the Windows 2000 CD-ROM if your     computer supports starting from a CD-ROM.

   When the "Welcome to Setup" screen is displayed, press R, press C to start Recovery Console, and then     type listsvc.

   For additional information about using Recovery Console, click the article number below to view the  article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
    Q229716 Description of the Windows 2000 Recovery Console Repair console
  Log on to your computer, and then disable the following drivers by using the disable command:

  For example, type disable cdr4vsd, and then press ENTER. Proceed to disable the remaining two drivers.
   After disabling all three drivers, type exit, and then press ENTER to restart your computer.

  After you acknowledge the Aspi32.sys error message, you can uninstall Easy CD Creator and DirectCD .
nfo from Ms

BSOD win2k after SP2                               
565 Articles on Hot fixes !

repair console
The Recovery Console lets you boot an otherwise unbootable installation.
To get to the Recovery Console, perform the following steps
1. Boot from installation disks or CD-ROM.
2. At the Welcome screen, press F10.
3. Select Repair.
4. Select Console.

If the SAM is intact, you need to log on to the system with an
Administrator password. After the console is active, you can access a
subset of the command prompt commands: ATTRIB, CD, CHDIR, CHKDSK, CLS,

From here, you should be able to recover the system or at least copy
crucial data from a corrupted install to a removable media device.
Recover console command options


I hope this helps !
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Paul1nAuthor Commented:
One of the things I tried before posting my question was to boot from the win2000 CD, and to choose R (repair). A message appears, telling that the system disk cannot be found. In fact the only visible disk is that f***ing Ghost virtual partition.

As it's already late in the evening in Europe I'll try your other suggestion (F10 recovery console) first thing tomorrow, but I'm afraid the same message will show up.

Meanwhile I did set up a test system (with an IDE drive instead of a RAID), and reproduced the problem by powering down while Ghost was busy. When booting from a DOS floppy, same effect: system disk invisible, only visible 'drive' is this Ghost virtual partition.

In a desperate move I ran FDISK; to my surprise all partitions were there! I changed the active partition to the first one (although the second one was labeled C:), and presto, the machine booted into Windows. In addition to my normal C and D partitions I now have an extra partition (this Ghost thing). But at least the system is up again.

I'll try the fdisk trick on the server tomorrow, but it might not work since the server disk is a SCSI RAID array rather than a simple IDE disk.

More news tomorrow and thanks for the hints.
It will work, ghost simply changes the active partition to boot from the virtual drive. If you want to image your server with scsi raid, try:

It works very well and with the server up and running. I usually use removable hard disks to store images.

i know you got your problem fixed..

just wanted to advise you that ghost (non "enterprise" versions) is not generally used for windows *server* operating systems.. although i have successfully used it to restore a server with active directory.. just took a little time to straighten back out afterwords. loads of fun if you're in to mental torture. :)

the new enterprise version 8 supports winserver 2000/2003; but still no raid support.

on raid systems, initially install and configure without raid enabled, make your ghost image, then install drivers and build your array. if you need to do a full restore, bust up the raid, restore the first drive to use as a source when you rebuild the array after the restore process.

for this problem you need to go download off the symantec website ghreboot.exe and copy it to virtual partition where it has the current version of it.  Then Run the program ghreboot.exe and you will boot up fine.

Paul1nAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. I'll put the program in my toolbox in case of...

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