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WinHTTP, Frames, and SID - problems collecting data from site.

manganet2 asked
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
I need help with WinHTTP.  I am trying to pull tote board data from UsOfftrack.com.  from the url you can navigate to relevant data for tracks in the us.

I can get to programs.aspx fine, but when I try to go to data.aspx. it says my session has expired.  Using IE web Browser, I noticed a funny SID inserted in the path.  I checked the source, but nada.  As a test I tried typing in the url for track data that would normally go in the Data Frame (Center Screen).  It would always revert back to main.aspx.  I tried right clicking a link from the Programs Frame to open in a new window.  It worked.  Great, but why can I not do this in WinHTTP.  Opps!  Spoke too soon.  The page self refreshed to an error page.  I did the previous steps again to get to a data page and quickly right clicked to view source, No refresh tag.  How is that possible?

Anyway, can someone look at this site and tell me how to use the WinHTTP object to get data from each frame, Programs and Data Frames.  Also, where is that SID coming from and how do I capture to us it.

I would like to build a Server COM Component to collect this data routinely.
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Thanks for you post, but I think you need to look a little deeper.  The challange I am having is when you grab a link from the Programs.aspx, ie

.Open "GET", "" & Location & "data.aspx?ProgramKey=20332", True

This would normally update data.aspx to point to the track indicated, but we are not using frames.

The response is

First Get Using - .Open "GET", "" & Location & "main.aspx", True

Location:  /link2tote/(agxdti2irjsjzrewv5elk2rc)/main.aspx

Second Get using - .Open "GET", "" & Location & "data.aspx?ProgramKey=20332", True

<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>
<h2>Object moved to <a href='/link2tote/(agxdti2irjsjzrewv5elk2rc)/reload.htm'>here</a>.</h2>

Third Get using - .Open "GET", "" & Location & "reload.htm", True

    <body onload="top.window.location='../main.aspx'">
    <h5>Your session has expired.  Reloading main page...</h5>

If I were in the IE Browser UI, it would just update the Data Frame and you could see the data I am after.  It is not as simple programatically for some reason.


Found this in the Programs.aspx.

<form name="frmMain" method="post" action="programs.aspx?Sport=2" id="frmMain"><input type="hidden" name="__VIEWSTATE"
value="dDw0NDI3MzU5MzA7Oz79KTDBOOr8l6zAiHVqTvyFR1M/yg==" />

This may be needed to maintain the session.  Don't Know!!
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