The capacity on windows small business server is not displayed correctly

I have two drives on the windows server 2003 with RAID contoller card.. the drives are 80 Gigs each, but when I look at the capacity for these drives on my computer, the first drive shows 4 GB and the second drive does not show up.. any ideas what is going on??
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lets see... one of the drive has been used before and has a 4Gb partition.(i supose)

erase the Array and kill all partitions on both disc.
rebuild your array and it should repair your problem.

Francois IT
LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi Aiysha,

What does it give you for sizes when you check Disk management?


Oh yes, i forgot, you also have to partition your drive.
BTW, if your building a raid 0, you will see one physical drive of 160Gb (or around that amount) and RAID 1, 80Gb.
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AiyshaAuthor Commented:
Francois IT, you are right, I should erase the array and kill the partition on both disc, can you guide me through the steps, I am  new to the server OS.
W2K3 is the same as W2K and XP for disc management.

for the array, you have to administer from the RAID BIOS at boot-up.

is your raid controler onboard or PCI?
my mistake... reread the question and seems to be a PCI Card...
right click my computer, select manage
on the mmc you should see Disk Management click it, it should give you an indication of "Connecting to disk management"

once its done you should see your c drive and a chunk of unpartioned space, click the unpartitioned space to select it, then right click it and on the context menu select create partion , you want to create a partition, commit your changes, then format the new space as ntfs, (select quick format check box its MUCH faster).

Let me know if your uncomfortable with a screen you see
BTW! what is the model of your Raid controler... i might help you setup your array. and what are you looking for: Speed or redundancy?
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