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how can i get my five button mouse to recognize five individual buttons

i have a Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB ...mouse....and basicaly it has five buttons...the standard left and right, and a wheel scroller that you can also press down (button number three)...then also a button on left and right sides of the mouse (about where the thumb sits and where your pinky can reach)....now i have installed the intelioptical software that it came with, and that will let me change my five buttons...but it lets me change to things like, left click, right click next window, back forward, copy, paste, and commands like such generaly...i can't assign it to a key like "f5" or "a" or whatever...and it seems to not be telling the computer it is a btn4 or btn5...now the real reason this is any issue to me is becuase i want to use it in my games, when i remap my keys in the game, i can map only my btn1 2 and 3...left button, right button, and wheel button

so what i am asking, is there any way i can set my computer to recognize all the mouse button, its weird that i can use all five buttons in windwos but only three in a game...i used to have an old version of inteli point software that would allow me to make the keys any key, for example the backspace or delete or f4 key...but the new one can't...and even that is not what i want to do...i want it to show up as button 4 or 5 when trying to map them in a game...can anyone help me on this...thanks
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it must be the game software try in the users manual of the game for any way of adding buttons because i had to do this for doom18s with the joystick put it in the game to recognize
Since you say the Intellimouse software doesn't allow you to map the buttons to arbitrary keys, your only option is to do some trial and error work.  Set one of the mouse buttons to the first availalble option in the Intellimouse software.  Launch the game and try to map that button to a game command.  If it doesn't work, shutdown the game and try the next option.  Rinse and repeat.  Even going to all this trouble, there is no guarantee that your game will ever recognize the 4th and 5th mouse button.

By the way, which game are we talking about?  Any game in particular?  Some games just can't deal with extra mouse buttons at all.

Double-check your version of Intellimouse.  Make sure you have the latest version installed that is compatible with your mouse.  Sometimes, newer software adds functionality after the manufacturer packages the software with the product.  For example, Logitech's original software packaged with their MX700 mouse didn't allow for arbitrary key mappings.  But a later version of the mouse software added this much requested feature.
If you have Windows 2000, XP, or newer OS ...
Link to Intellimouse 5.0 download: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=85d871bb-eebc-4e34-b87d-41e1a493965b&DisplayLang=en

If you have another version of Windows ...
Link to Intellimouse 4.12 download: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=4348502a-61be-4072-abe2-e3fc3aa0eee6&DisplayLang=en

Look here for the link to download versions made for Macintosh: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/results.aspx?productID=B4FA52ED-793D-433F-8D66-FE50FA55C8A2&freetext=&DisplayLang=en
robert5cAuthor Commented:
thanks all for your responces, the game in question is Novalogic's Delta Force Black Hawk Down,...i would be satisfied with getting the mouse buttons to be arbitrary keys, but what i was woundering is how come the standered three mouse buttons are in the game refered to as btn1...2...3  i was simpily woundering if i had to do something to the computer to designate the other 4 and 5 buttons as so...because i am happy with them being the default back and forward COMANDS, i would simply also like them to server a purpose as a standered button like any joystick or gamepad would have, becuase adding to this note, my middle wheel button in windows is set to cycle through open windows "alt+tab" essentialy, but in the game it is recognised simply as btn3...so if i could set my four and five button to say f1 and f2...thats fine...but getting them to just be buttons would be great
Most games I know of only recognize Mouse1, Mouse2, and Mouse3.  Check out the latest Intellimouse software to see if you can assign buttons based on the application you are running.  

I know the Logitech mouse software has this functionality, but I don't know about Intellimouse.  So, I can set mouse button 5 to send a different keystroke or combination for each program I configure in the Logitech software.  For a game, I might make it 'R' to reload, but for office applications I could set it to register as the {Tab} key.  

Check the links I posted for information specifically about Intellimouse.
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