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How to post Crystal Reports on web

chandarrs asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2007-12-19
We have bunch of reports designed in crystal 8.5 and being deployed in a pdf format to users every month. Our Company doesn't want to do that process any more. They want to have links on web page for every report and when user clicks the link corresponding reports should bring up on the web bowser.

Could anyone please suggest and give some examples to accomplish the above process. Our company doesn't want to build a web based application. Is there any other way to do this with out writting a web application.

Your help is appriciated.,

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if you have cr 8.5 you may already have a copy of crystal enterprise. crystal enterprise 8.0 was shipped free of charge with crystal reports 8.5 professional and developer.

it should be sufficient for you to install crystal enterprise, then copy a report into a virtual folder and you can view the report in the browser simply by opening the .rpt file, ie


First, I would like to Thank you both for the reply. But it's not working from other systems..,
I installed enterprise and published the reports and opened the report thru internet explorer on the same system. It worked, But when I try to open the report from other systems it gives this error "The Crystal ActiveX Viewer is Unable to create it's resource objects". I believe it's trying to install activeX viewer, unable. Any ideas why?

>>> I believe it's trying to install activeX viewer

This is expected behavior.  The viewer is an ActiveX control that must be installed on every computer that wants to use it.  When you say "unable" can you clarify?  Could be that the version of IE is an old one?  Could be that the user doesn't have sufficient rights to install?  

Also be aware that users can set their browser preferences so anyone having problems w/ the ocx may want to try one of the other viewers.  Personally I've had the best luck on older machines with the DHTML viewer so that may be worth a try for you.


You are right, ActiveX viewer must be installed on every system that want to view the report. I tried the same process of publishing the report on my system, and when tried to access from another system it poped up activeX viewer installtion box.
But, the same report is published on or web server, and when I try to view the report on some other system it didn't popup the viewer installation box. Is there anything I am missing that need to be set up?

This is crystal enterprise we're talking about, right?  Users can set their own browser preferences so they may not even be hitting the ocx viewer (the default one depends on the version of CE).  Go to one of their computers and select "preferences" in crystal enterprise and see which viewer they have selected.


Yes, it is Crystal Enterprise we are using. and we installed CE 8 only on our web server. Not on all our user systems. On some systems it's just giving grey screen and on some it's giving the unable to create resource error.

Are you using IE to access the reports?  When we first deployed CE we had problems with Netscape users being able to use the system.  We quickly identified that Netscape (at the time it was 4.77) didn't work and IE (5.0) did so we didn't pursue the reasons and just told everyone to use IE.

I haven't seen the resource error message myself.  I did find that for CE10 that same error may arise and it is a Crystal bug ( http://support.businessobjects.com/library/kbase/articles/c2014981.asp ).  Possibly there was a bug in CE8 also?  You may have to contact their tech support though since they don't maintain patches online for version 8 any longer.


I found the issue,
I just created virtual directory pointing to crystal viewer directory and gave the read and script running rights., it worked., It's prompting the viewer installation for first time. It opened up the report too.,

Thanks anyway for all your help.,

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