Hi, I just installed a Wireless Access-Point in a PC and a WLAN card in a notebook, both running Windows XP Pro, it went really easy and fast, the installation was just a click, my notebook recognized the other one and started receiving an excellent signal immediately, but, I couldn’t get to the internet, I clicked off the Firewall, both have automatic DNS,  tried everything that I would normally do with a TCP/IP connection when in trouble, but no way, I could not connect. Is there anything that I should do that I didn’t?

Can anybody help?

M. J.

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You might try resetting your TCP/IP stack:
 Start->Run->CMD <enter>
 at the prompt, type:

 netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt <enter>

 Download and run the following:
you need to enable Internet connection sharing on the pc.
on advanced tab of network connection properties page... for the connection to internet
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Have you run the network setup wizard on both machines?  Is your wireless access point a pci card or usb, or is it an access point with a 4 port switch built in?  Does your computer get internet throught the access point or directly through a cable/DSL modem or dial-up?
mjugendAuthor Commented:
Yes I get to the Internet through the access point Router. Yes I have run the network setup wizard on both machines, maybe I did something wrong?
You said that you get internet through the router, but does the internet come through a cable or dsl modem or through a LAN?  Either way, have you tried cloning the mac address on the router?  If there is more than one router on the network, such  as a cable/dsl modem with a dhcp router built in, there will be conflicts.
mjugendAuthor Commented:
Well, thank you all for your efforts in trying to help me, after trying all kind of solutions, including the ones that you all sent, I decided to try another Access Point and another Network card and that worked out. Now I don’t know which one was the faulty one but it works.

Thank you again.

M. J.
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