iNotes Archiving-on-demand ... iNotes copy-to-folder works not as expected

OK, so I set up an architecture to archive our iNotes users (and Notes users') mailfiles a long time ago.  

- archiving is done on the server, every night, using compact -a
- archiving is enforced using policies, no local archiving is allowed, all archiving is done on the (home)mailserver
- apart from the obvious rules, I've added 1 to archive all documents in a specific folder, where people can drag-and-drop / copy-to-folder documents into, so they are archived at night.  This gives the possibility to all our users (iNotes in particular) to determine themselves what documents should be archived.  There is to my knowledge, no other way in iNotes or Webmail to allow people to choose which documents to archive (there is no Mark Expired action, no Archive Selected, etc).   Because you can use the copy-to-folder commands in the Notes client and webmail, you retain your original folder structure, in your archive too.  

Now the problem - I recall this worked for our iNotes users too , but since some time (since upgrade to 6.0.3), this doesn't work as expected any more.  Webmail works as expected, though !

A Copy-to-folder command in iNotes actually creates a *real* copy of the document, instead of adding the original document to that folder !  This blows bigtime !

So the question(s) in no particular order :
- can anybody confirm that in previous versions of iNotes, the copy-to-folder does the same as in the Notes client (meaning NOT creating a duplicate document)
- can anybody suggest an alternative way of archiving-on-demand on server for my iNotes users
- can anybody say if it's doable to change the behaviour of the copy-to-folder commands in iNotes (I'd say 'no')

I'll award more points for briljant suggestions :-)

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Bozzie4IT ArchitectAsked:
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There is a SPR pending on the above said copytofolder propblem.

As far as changing or customizing the inotes template to change the behaviour of that button, I believe you can change the template to accomplish that. Or is there something that I am missing here ??

Also to take control of archiving .. specify it to local database.. I believe you can have some control given to user in this manner on when and what is archived ??

Ref: technote here @


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Bozzie4IT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
No, users are using iNotes, so I can't archive locally (even if I could, I don't want to - the purpose of an archive is that it's kept safe, not on some user's local drive.  And I want to do the archiving at night, it's a busy server :-) )

I want to have
- serverbased archiving, only 1 or 2 rules to keep it simple, rules apply to (almost) everyone.
- 1 of the rules allows people to indicate which documents they want to archive (actually, 2 rules : 1 is a folder where they can put documents in, the other is a rule to archive Expired documents , but Marking Expired is not available in iNotes either)
- user can't actually say when something is archived, or where it goes to, but he should be able to choose documents.

The technotes you refer to are not really the problem ... although the behaviour of the 1 about moving documents seems to be related.

And you can customize the template ... to some extent.  I read the redbooks, and I'm very afraid :-)

It was working btw, when we first set it up !  I also opened a support call with Lotus , so I'm waiting on feedback from the labs too.


Bozzie4IT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
DOLS is out of the question, btw.

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Bozzie4IT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
I've added a button now, that will call an agent to do the proper thing (no real copy, but a Notes-style copy)...

Thanks anyway... since you were the only one to respond, you get the points :-)

Bozzie4IT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
(Not feeling generous today, btw :-) )
well bad timing then...
Bozzie4IT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Good news, 6.5.3 includes this by default (I mean Archiving on demand - let user choose documents to archive)!

Unfortunately, I've already developed a custom solution : that really is lost time :-(

Well it helps someone here.. cheerup
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