How can I shut down a Oracle DB thats not responding/hung

We have a remote DB thats is hung and not not responding. Is the a command we can use to force it to shut down so we can restart it?
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plqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ugh is it taking CPU ? Can you see disk activity ? Whats the memory usage and page file usage on the server ?
Is the DB or log disk full ? Maybe delete some other stuff to allow more space.

Of course, theres the reboot option. Oracle is very good at recovering in my experience, but don't sue me if it b*ggers it up. If its a huge DB maybe you just need to wait

I think you need someone with deeper oracle dba knowledge than me. Maybe post a 20 point link in the Oracle section if noone comes back here soon.

Sparky191Author Commented:
Its an Oracle 9 db
plqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On windows

Start - Control Panel - Services

Stop the Service named Oracle...DBName...

Hopefully it will recover itself when you restart it.

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Sparky191Author Commented:
We've done that. The db still is trying to shut down but isn't. We can't log into it. it won't accept any passwords or usernames that we know.
Sparky191Author Commented:
We could use Rman in Oracle 8 to close it down.  But we don't know how to do that in Oracle 9?
baleeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to do shutdown abort. Basically, when you are doing it from services it is doing shutdown immediate.

Here is the way how to stop it:

<sid> - this is the name of the db
**** - is the sysdba password, you should know it

start dos prompt

set oracle_sid=<sid>

sqlplus /nolog

connect sys/**** as sysdba;

shutdown abort;

Sparky191Author Commented:
21 days isn't a of time really.
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