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setting up lotus notes clients to access emails through web interface using IE or netscape

nazirahmed asked
Last Modified: 2013-12-18
Can someone help me to setup lotus notes 5.08 server for web mail?  step by step guide would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys
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Bozzie4IT Architect


1. Enable HTTP on your server
Start the HTTP task on the console (load http), or create a program document (run at startup, http), or add HTTP to the line ServerTasks= in the Notes.ini of the server (last 2 solutions require server restart)

2. Give all your users an Internet Password
A user must have an internet password to be able to authenticate with the server

3. Done !
You can access your mailfile by using the url

Now this is the quick and dirty setup, you can finetune your configuration further.  I would recommend, for webmail used over the internet, to enable SSL for all your mailfiles, and to use session authentication.


Bozzie4IT Architect

If you want to use iNotes (only available on IE for 5.0.8), you must also replace the design of your mailfiles.




thank tom
intially it will be for intranet but may go out as well. can i configure a defualt page where user is prompted for login information? will i need any web server configured on mail server or does notes has its own web server? i suppose i can use the iP address only to access the mail server web itnerface...? i am not an expert on lotus notes, have done only mail and app server installation and configuration for one of my client. so i may ask some stupid question...i hope you wont mind.


what advantage iNotes has?
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well...i looked on net for lotus note help but didnt find much extensive information....although i understand notes is used in many larg firms. the link you post took me to http://www-136.ibm.com/developerworks/lotus which is where i have been looking for info but couldnt find. anyway, i will try to look at the domino admin help. i am planning to visit client site in next 2/3 weeks, will check everything there, so it may take some time to get back to you, but i wil come back definetly :)
thanks for your help and prompt response.


one more thing..
your said <<<2. Give all your users an Internet Password>>
i think there is an option on client lotus notes installation where user can change the internet password, do i need to enable internet access for email on the server as well?
looks like simple process to enable webmail...but lets see how i am going to deal with it..
Bozzie4IT Architect

During registration of people, you can set an internet password, I'm not sure the user can during install ...

Anyway, users need an internet password, how it gets there is not important.   It doesn't only give access to mail, but to all applications on the server, btw.


Any existing users should just edit his PERSON entry, and type something into the Internet Password field, then save the entry.

On notes.net (the IB< site you were on), look for the link to the Sandbox.  It contains a webmail redirect.

If you are using R6, I believe the webmail redirect comes with the product.

I would not use IP address.  Most likely, the server already has a DNS A record used for accesisng it via Notes, just use that same DNS host name.  If you already have some sort of intranet page for teh company, put a link on that page for web mail.


thanks for your feed back, i found something which may help you guys as well (did help me alot)
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