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How do I sort a table in dreamweaver in abc order

Rachy222 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-25

I have a table in dreamweaver, with 5 colums, and 152 rows

The information in the first column are all links, and they start with varying letters of the alphabet.

How do I sort the first row of the column (including its data from the other colums)

in abc order.

please be specific on how to do this, thanks for helping

i am using dream weaver 3.0

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Rachel, I don't know of even later versions of DW being able to automate a task like this.  How was the table filled originally? And do you have another copy of the contents in a raw-data form, such as a tab- or comma-delimited list?

DW can help to create such a list if you don't have it (so can most text-editors).  You could use the Search & Replace functions of the prog to search for, say,

</td><td> (in this case, the boundary between cells in a row) and replace with a comma.  Continue this process with all the bits between the values until you have something like:


Then you can load this into a dátábásë and print a sorted version using A.S.P, P.H.P or similar, or possibly you can open it in MS Excel, sort it there and convert it into H TML using Word.

Just a few ideas; I have had similar problems, and was only able to take a shortcut by using P.H.P and a dátábásë to re-order the list and generate the table.  What other apps do you have available?


I am very familiar with MS access, but not php

I copied and pasted all the rows in , from another web page i saved.

I do not think that you can do this if the page is statically coded.

I guess that you could take the data, place it in an access table, run some code to sort, then paste back into your web page.

The problem is that you are trying to sort ROWS and most programs are made to sort COLUMNS.

That is what is going to make it so diffucult.
Saqib KhanSenior Developer

Just a minutes.

What kind of Values you are you storing in Cells?
it constantly updates?

You can Also Sort Information by storing into Arrays and Sort them with javaScript.
otherwise Database solution is your best bet.


I am sorting on the far left column

here is an example of my data. it is in the table


Oh so you are actually just sorting a column, but want the entire row to stay together.

Well, if you hand code this it is going to be hard to maintain if you have 152 entries - especially if you get more in the future.

The best method would be to store this information in a database such as access and use a dynamic language to pull the records to your web page such as ASP, COld Fusion, PHP, etc.

But if you don't have those available then you could stil use access.

You would store all of the information in access.  Then create a report that generates the HTML code for you.  You could appply a sort to the table so that the report generated in sorted order and then just copy and past the results into a text file and rename it .html to get your web page.

It is a long way of doing it, but would be a way to get it to work and have easy maintenance if you only have static HTML pages available.

Let me know if you need help on how to do this


how do i create the report in access that generates html, i am not familiar with this

You don't. You use ASP to query the database and output the results as HTML.
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It also assumes you know all the HTML code you need, and can set the report up correctly. That could be harder than learning the ASP to generate a dynamic HTML page. ;-)

But if you already have the html code and just want to make it sorted as Rachy222 indicated then it is an option.

And if you are familiar with access it would not be harder than learnign ASP.  I personally would do it with ASP, but was providing a solution for when that is not an option (such as if your web hosting company only supports static HTML pages)
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