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Help! I can't delete SPAM mail from the Exchange 2003 queue!!

kteal asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2009-07-29
Help! I have a severe SPAM problems that have clogged up my queue.  I have followed all of MS' advice on creating new smtp connector to move everything to one queue and got rid of most of the spam.  But now I have 6000 messages that are stuck and won't 'delete w/ no NDR'.  The Exchange System Manager just hangs when I try.  Yes, I have run a full virus scan just to be sure.  It looks like the messages are all NDR's that are clogging up my queue.  Does anyone know another way to delete messages from the queue????  If I start the services again....it starts replicating like mad.  I have checked to make sure that there is no relaying and logged to check for authenticated user relays as well.  PLEASE HELP!!!
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Have you tried going directly into the mailroot folder on the box and deleting them there? Browse to (whatever drive letter you have Exchange installed on) D:\program files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\ and then you will see all the folders. Check your queue folder. If this is where the messages are located, you can stop the Exchange services and manually delete the items. Be careful not to delete any valid messages!



I've deleted everything in all 3 folders w/in the vsi 1 folder....however, i stil have 600 emails in the queue and as soon as i turn on smtp....they replicate like mad.


actually i believe it is all ndr mail generated bythe postmaster@mydomail.com account. Is there any way to disable this account?
Well, you can. Have you considered disabling NDR's temporarily until all this virus activity subsides?
have you checked to make sure you're not an open relay?


i have disabled the ndr's in the global settings and also made sure (via telnet) that i;m not an open relay.


it is all incoming mail at this point....i have listed the spammer's ip addresses in the global settings to deny connection to my smtp...however, i am still receiving email from those domains.  I also made sure that I activated the filters in the advanced properties of the smtp settings....How are these emails still getting in??
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The problem is that you are getting spam as soon as you deleted it because you have an open relay.  Lock your relay down, delete the messages(bad ones) in the queue, and order is restored.
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