Getting error on 6509 - PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL

Getting the error PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL on my 6509. It's coming on my gigabit inline power module, nothing but wireless access points running off of it, and they seem to be up. Here's my sh env all:

Environmental Status (. = Pass, F = Fail, U = Unknown, N = Not Present)
  PS1: .     PS2: .     PS1 Fan: .     PS2 Fan: .
  Chassis-Ser-EEPROM: .     Fan: .
  Clock(A/B): A         Clock A: .     Clock B: .
  VTT1: .    VTT2: .    VTT3: .

                  Intake          Exhaust         Device 1        Device 2
Slot            Temperature     Temperature     Temperature     Temperature
--------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
1               25C(50C,65C)    35C(60C,75C)    32C             27C
3               25C(50C,65C)    30C(60C,75C)    N/A             N/A
4               32C(50C,65C)    36C(60C,75C)    32C             33C
5               32C(50C,65C)    32C(60C,75C)    30C             29C
6               30C(50C,65C)    38C(60C,75C)    N/A             N/A
7               29C(60C,75C)    36C(55C,70C)    44C(60C,75C)    27C(65C,80C)
8               32C(50C,65C)    40C(65C,80C)    N/A             N/A
9               35C(55C,70C)    44C(70C,85C)    33C(55C,70C)    37C(60C,75C)
1  (Switch-Eng) 25C(50C,65C)    34C(60C,75C)    N/A             N/A
1  (MSFC)       36C(50C,65C)    36C(60C,75C)    N/A             N/A

Chassis Modules
VTT1: 29C(85C,100C)
VTT2: 28C(85C,100C)
VTT3: 28C(85C,100C)

PS1 Capacity: 1153.32 Watts (27.46 Amps @42V)
PS2 Capacity: 1153.32 Watts (27.46 Amps @42V)
PS Configuration : PS1 and PS2 in Non-Redundant Configuration.
Total Power Available: 2306.64 Watts (54.92 Amps @42V)
Total Power Available for Line Card Usage: 2306.64 Watts (54.92 Amps @42V)
Total Power Drawn From the System: 1195.74 Watts (28.47 Amps @42V)
Remaining Power in the System: 1110.90 Watts (26.45 Amps @42V)
Configured Default Inline Power allocation per port: 7.00 Watts (0.16 Amps @42V)

Slot power Requirement/Usage :

Slot Card Type           PowerRequested PowerAllocated CardStatus
                         Watts   A @42V Watts   A @42V
---- ------------------- ------- ------ ------- ------ ----------
1    WS-X6K-S2U-MSFC2    145.32   3.46  145.32   3.46  ok
2                          0.00   0.00  145.32   3.46  none
3    WS-X6408A-GBIC       84.00   2.00   84.00   2.00  ok
4    WS-X6348-RJ-45      100.38   2.39  100.38   2.39  ok
5    WS-X6348-RJ-45      100.38   2.39  100.38   2.39  ok
6    WS-X6500-SFM2       129.78   3.09  129.78   3.09  ok
7    WS-X6548-GE-TX      142.80   3.40  142.80   3.40  ok
8    WS-X6516A-GBIC      152.04   3.62  152.04   3.62  ok
9    WS-SVC-NAM-2        145.74   3.47  145.74   3.47  ok

Slot Inline Power Requirement/Usage :

Slot CardType            Total Allocated   Max H/W Supported  Max H/W Supported
                         To Module (Watts) Per Module (Watts) Per Port (Watts)
---- ------------------- ----------------- ------------------ -----------------
7    WS-X6548-GE-TX      49.98             378.00             7.000

No reason for this error, the power supplies are running parallel and providing more than enough power, I would think.

Any ideas?

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Not sure what's happening there.  You may have a faulty power supply or some other component on that 6509, or just might be overloading it with too many access points.

Do you have a SmartNet on that unit?  It might be time to open a TAC case.
The supervisor engine tracks the available power left in the system and does not power up any ports if no available power remains. This syslog message is displayed:

1999 Jul 14 10:05:58 %SYS-5-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL: Device on Port 4/7 will remain unpowered.

The supervisor engine informs the switching module that power to the port is denied.

This message indicates the system has no power available to power the port on which an inline power capable device has been detected. The output of sh port inlinepower x/y for this power will indicate an operational status of 'deny'. If another port returns power to the system, then the port will be granted power.

You say that all of your wireless devices are up?  Okay, I believe you, but one of them is getting denied power.  Check the one plugged in to the port on which the syslog error is occurring.
RushBAuthor Commented:
Ok, but how do I fix this problem? As you can see on sh env all, there is more than enough power left over (1110.90) to power all the access points. Is 7 watts not enough, how do I up that amount? None of my other 6509's are having this message, just the one. An I also I said 'they seem to be up" - there are six being denied power.
That blade is only pulling 50 watts of 378, how can I make that power available?

(enable) 2004 Apr 02 09:37:41 %SYS-3-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Devic
e on port 7/34 will remain unpowered
2004 Apr 02 09:37:43 %SYS-3-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Device on port 7/38 will remain un
2004 Apr 02 09:37:44 %SYS-3-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Device on port 7/41 will remain un
2004 Apr 02 09:37:44 %SYS-3-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Device on port 7/47 will remain un
2004 Apr 02 09:37:45 %SYS-3-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Device on port 7/39 will remain un
2004 Apr 02 09:37:49 %SYS-3-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Device on port 7/46 will remain un
2004 Apr 02 09:37:51 %SYS-3-PORT_NOPOWERAVAIL:Device on port 7/37 will remain un

RushBAuthor Commented:
I accepted the last answer, but am posting this for others. I found the issue, and it was simply an update to the Access Points. They were running an old version of the firmware, and CDP was asking for more power than it needed. Updated the firmware, problem solved.

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