tcp/ip protocol is not installed properly - dreamweaver error message

i have installed the tcp/ip protocols several times now everything works fine internet , network etc  except for dreamweaver, it wont allow me to manage sites ,create or edit them. the error message i get is

tcp/ip protocol is not installed properly

i have reinstalled different versions of dreamweaver but still no joy am considering a format and start from scratch

been driving me mad all day now

please help!!!!
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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
hi codakid

>>i can get on the net fine, i can see the rest of my network fine

Then your TCP stack and winsock settings are fine and so is XP thats two less things to fiddle with :)

Ive used Dreamweaver 4 and MX and Never had a problem though Id agree with my colleagues above herin lies the root of the problem, I know its like using a sledgehamer to crack a nut but consider the following

1, Uninstall dreamweaver
2, Go to windows update and get all the latest patches and hotfixes installed

3, Clean your registry of dead keys and junk
Registry Cleaning Tools, My Personal Fav is
RegSeeker (FREE for personal use)
*****Here are some more*****
AATools RegClean
Registry Medic

4, Reinstall Dreamweaver

Now if your getting an error, on your default site Id be more inclined to think its the server, in so far as
1. Do you have permissions to the folder you are trying to edit (in IIS this is inetpub\wwwroot)
2. Does the server have the correct server extensions installed for the web "stuff" you are putting on it (i.e. cold fusion, front page extensions etc)

Start->Run->CMD <enter>
 netsh int ip reset c:\ipreset.txt <enter>
 exit <enter>


and/or to repair Windows Sockets...
Download and run this item:
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi codakid,
Repair TCP/IP and Winsock errors

Use this piece of software to reset your TCP and winsock settings.

You can determine if you have a winsock problem by doing the following.

Put in the windows XP CD and navigate to the support >Tools folder.
Double click setup and select full install.
Click Start >run >cmd {enter}
Type       netdiag /test:winsock /v    {enter}

To reset the winsock registry entries

Click Start >Run >regedit {enter}
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock and delete it
Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock2 and delete it
Exit Regedit and reboot.

To install TCP/IP over itself (to do this you need a copy of nettcpip.inf  there IS one on the Windows XP CD and MAY be one on your hard drive)

Right click "My Network Places" select Properties.
Right click the connection and select Properties.
Click Install >Protocol >add >have disk
Browse to the location of nettcpip.inf  (see above)
Select TCP/IP click OK

Get expert help—faster!

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Check this .Temporarily disable your firewall

Also go to control panel ---> network connections --> right-click and go to properties of the connection you are using
in the listing that comes up , check " file and printer sharing for microsoft networks"

and press OK..

Now go to dreamweaver and check if you are able to download the files
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Looks like all the heavy hitters are here today..  Must be the weather..  :)  And everyones servers are humming right along..

What version of Dreamweaver are you using..  Perhaps we can find something specific to your version..
> Looks like all the heavy hitters are here today

You added up to it .. LOL!!

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
:) LOL
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
In good company...  *grin*
codakidAuthor Commented:
thanks guys but none of the above has solved the problem


keeep em comming

been using dw mx  and dw mx 2004

heads hurting now !!!
codakidAuthor Commented:
ps... i even done an update of xp to reinstall all system files

codakidAuthor Commented:
points are up
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
have you tried a reinstall of DW yet..??   I have to believe that since everything else is working, that the problem lies there..  


Does dreamweaver without being used for creating sites , work fine ? in other words, can you do normal work on that  ?

Doing a windows update could update only the required files to be updated. I am not sure if you are not having any other problems atall when you say "everything else is working fine".


I would guess your shortform DW represents Dreamweaver.. Looks like he has tried different versions of the same ( Acc to original question)

Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Good catch Sun...
>> Good catch Sun...

Didnot mean to pinpoint .. Just thought i need to tell so that your are going to think other smart ideas..
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
*grin*   Just too many things happening all at once, and not enough time to review all these questions...  lol, eh..?
codakidAuthor Commented:
i have reinstalled two different versions of dreamweaver many times now

gone through all the procedures listed above in you answers

reinstalled tcp/ip protocols a few times

and reinstalled xp (update)

have installed service pack 2 for xp

i can get on the net fine, i can see the rest of my network fine

i can create pages in dreamweaver if i drop a page into the main window but cannot set up new sites or edit root folders,remote folders, or change testing servers or settings  of existing sites

im sure its not tcp/ip settings that are wrong now, as i wouldnt be able to see the net or network,  

it must be a configuration of dreamweaver within the registry me thinks,
but finding all references to dreamweaver in the registry could take me days...

not sure what to do , am at a loss

any more suggestions??????

thanks for the feedback brainy people


Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Ahh..  the steps I would take exactly..!!!   I just have to think that it is the DW install that is causing the issue...  
>> it must be a configuration of dreamweaver within the registry me thinks,

May be so .. but i have worked with dreamweaver for almost 2 years and never had to do that.. I have been using mx all these time ..

Try petelong suggestions . registry cleaning might help ..

codakidAuthor Commented:
i too have been using dreamweaver for a number of years since version 3..

i have never had any problems with it apart from a bug in the first mx where it didnt like database interaction...

i used the regseek prog and cleaned out all dreamweaver entries reinstalled dreamweaver and everythinng is now working fine again...


goes to show a tidy pc is a happy pc...

i think the confusion lied in te error message dreamweaver gave about tcp/ip not installed properly ...sent me down the wrong track....

although i kind of worked the solution out myself
i stilll need to give the points away...

so i guess they go to the person who supplied the tool regseek

well done pete  400 points for you

thanks guys

im a happy codakid again..
codakidAuthor Commented:
oops i think i clicked the wrong accept button


any way to change it????
Registry cleanup gets added to Sunray's DB.. LOL !!
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
I was just about to shout foul! there :(
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Registry cleanup gets added to Sunray's DB

ROFL - you up to 217 articles yet?
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
*grin*   Almost got away with one there...!!  

How funny..!!

Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>> ROFL - you up to 217 articles yet

at 50 now
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