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point to point speeds

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Last Modified: 2010-04-11
We have a point to point t1 line setup between two buildings that are about 20 miles apart.  7 channels are being used for voice and the remaining channels are used for data.  What type of response should be expected when pinging the router on the remote end of the t1 line?
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any idea how to see the load on an adtran router?


I looked through all of the show interface commands on the adtran router and I don't think there is a way to tell what the load is.  The load shouldn't be much since we don't have any computers at the remote location yet, it's just the router.  I am getting an average ping of about 39 ms between the two locations, which seems a bit high.


We have been through most of the configuration guides on that site and we have talked to their support staff about 5 times and they aren't much help.  They said we should probably get a ping of about 20 ms, but they didn't say anything as to what to try changing to lower our ping.
Well, this might be a way to find out.

Try doing your ping during after hours and see if the response is better. If not, your T1 line might be dirty and ask the service provider to run their tests. They are able to do loopback tests and find out problems in the line such as CRC mismatches, etc and get rid of those then.


Ok, thank you for your help.  I'm going to be posting another question, worth more points, at some point in regards to some other more complicated problems i'm having with the point to point connection.
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