BIOS Checksum error and battery fail even after battery change

Even though I inserted another battery (from a PC with no such trouble) I get a message indicating checksum error (BIOS) and battery fail.

How can I manually change the checksum in the BIOS? I did a BIOS flash which reported a checksum that I might insert somewhere in the BIOS? I do have a DMI config utility for this mb but don't know if or how I might be able to change the checksum.

regards, Ruud
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buckeyes33Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you reset the bios?  If not try it.

Otherwise I think that you had a bad flash, which in that case is not good.  If that is the case you have one of two options.  Get a new motherboard or get a new bios chip.  

This company can help you out with the second option.
CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This error could have a number of sources.  A battery from another pc might be working ok, or it might not - a new one is a more sure solution, in case the other one is close to the end.  If a BIOS flash didn't go well, that could cause this condition, in which case, if you are absolutely sure this is the right binary (if it isn't, it could turn your motherboard into junk), flash it again.  You can't manually change the checksum, because it is computed and compared to the expected value, and the expected value goes with the binary.
buckeyes33, you're getting faster ;-)
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lol and i wasn't using quick post
Jeez - You two are quick and comprehensive.

I have nothing to add rudd00000 these answers should solve your problem.

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compfixer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
it may not be those i had this problem the battery was good however

when i put the case cover on my computer i broke off some red and black things on the board i haven't even replaced them with newones yet i just taped them on the board so the make contact on the contact points or where they were connected it also maybe that you srewed up on the flash to get into bios there is some message on the screen that says hit f1 to enter setup

it might not be f1 it could be del, f1,f2, f10, esc,enter

pay attention to the screen it should say
What is your motherboard?

Look on the actual board to find the FCC ID, report it back here.
hey did you check these out or what
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