Exchange 2000 server exchange 2003 server ready to do i move everything properly?

I have an existing Exchange 2000 server on Win2k
I have built a new Win2k box with exchange 2003 up and running.
The end result is to replace the old with the new.
I would like someone to confirm that i will be doing all the required steps to successfully make the switch over

1 - Replicate Public folders
2 - Replicate subfolders
3 - Run move mailbox wizard
4 - Remove replications
5 - Remove exchange 2000 from old server
6 - Remove AD from old server
7 - Remove old server from domain
8 - Change new servers ip and add appropriate "A" record to dns to point new server name to the original servers name

Im sure its not that simple so maybe you could help be with adding the steps i missed...i have search Microsnots site but only get results for large environment scenarios.
This is a single mail server front end and backend mail servers to worry about.
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David WilhoitConnect With a Mentor Senior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Ok, just making sure that you can see both servers in the EXchange system manager. Now, make sure that you recalc the routing by making the new server the RG master, but changing the IP address on the box would seem unnecessary. Is this box a DC/GC/DNS?

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
are the 2 exchange servers part of the same org, or is this a new org? Give me a couple more details on your setup here... it looks like you're on the right track..

MIKEVAuthor Commented:
Both machines reside on the same Domain and the same ORG...

System Manger can see both servers no problem...
The old machine is still functioning properly (thank god) but may die down to the last drive in the raid more dies and were toast (outside of tape backup of course)
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MIKEVAuthor Commented:
I have to change the ip as i use Managed ip's in the firewall. public to private mapping

The new box is a DC as is the old one...GC and DNS are on other machines.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
ok, so just ensure the proper DNS settings, and make sure the recipient policies are pointing at the new Exchange server, or those will stop working. If you feel like it, you can manually point the new Exchange server's DSAccess settings manually, so that the other DC won't affect the Exchange services when you are ready to demote it. there's lots of little things, but you've definitely done your homework :)
MIKEVAuthor Commented: do make sure that the recipient policies are pointing at the new Exchange server...if i do this am i not creating a front end server for the policies alone ?
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
well no, not at all. If you open an RP, you'll see that it points to an Excahnge server, and a GC. If it's pointing to the E2K server when you remove E2K, it doesn't automatically flip over to the other Exchange server. You have to repoint it.

I am curious as to the end results of this adventure.
I am in the same boat with two exceptions.
1) E2K Server is PDC, DNS, DHCP.
2) I am not only upgrading to Exchange 2003 but also OS will be 2003 Server.
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