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how to share a DSL connection

I have a DSL connection to my home PC( Pentium 4 512MB etc Win 2000) .How to allow my 5 siblings within the same area code to access my high speed connection via  a phone line and modem on my PC simultaneously. They don't mind the slower speed and we will share the cost of 1 high speed connection
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Are they located in the same house..???   You will need to use WiFi or run some Cat5 to their locations..  Add into the mix a Router (like Linksys) and use it to share the connection..  Or..  you can use ICS on your system..  The setup of this will vary on the OS that you are using, but the theory is the same...

ICS = Internet Connection Sharing
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a) Who is your ISP? If any but aol then youll be fine if you have aol then your gonna need to pay extra for Multiple User logging in.
b) You need a DSL Router

And thats it.

Its simple so lets not make it complicated.

You have a DSL connection and a DSL modem currently with 1 PC attached and you want to have 5 PCs attached.

You want to purchase a router and I would suggest (because you said you wanted to use Ethernet.  If you wanted wireless, you could also consider:

In simple terms you plug the router between your modem and the PCs.  YOu set up the router with your log on password and let the Router negotiate PPPoE and you can be up and running in 10 minutes.

10 minutes....???   Right...  Only if the systems are sitting next to each other that is...!!!  Or is the home is prewired, which I seriously doubt...!!

Just an observation..

His siblings are "in the same area code", not house.
Yea..  that is why I asked in the first comment, just to make sure I was reading it right..  :)

If that is the case, it is just not cost effective to do this, as I think you will agree..  He would also need dedicated lines and a modem pool to do this correctly...
OK - I see - area code - (f*$%#).  If they are remote connections - FUGET ABOUT IT!!  

Its not worth the time and effort.  You can pay for one AOL account which can have enough usernames to serve your entire family.

If they are all in the same house, you can do it.  If your even on the same block, we can do it but its a waist of time to even consider doing it any other way.