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Question for Kidego concerning post

neowolf219 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-03-05

Concerning the above post, when I install the front end server, and then the cluster, are there any "gotchas" I need to be aware of, since the front-end Exchange 2003 is only temporary.  
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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, Exchange

little stuff...like when mail is routed back to your internal server, you'll need to change what IP address that comes back to, after removal. Don't use teaming NICs on the cluster, Exchange doesn't like it. Also, while you can run OWA on 443 at the cluster, I don't really recommend it, strictly from a purist standpoint. OMA won't succeed if SSL is enabled on the backend server, blah balh blah...there's lots of reasons to keep that FE, if you wanted to. Depending on the size of your environment, it could be a much lesser machine than the cluster, and Standard Edition 2003 can now be an FE, you don't need the Enterprise Edition for that.



I understand conceptually about front end and back end servers, but what (if any) does this require from a configuration standpoint.

For instance ... I will install a stand alone EX2k3 into the Exchange 5.5 site.  That's straight forward.  Once I get the Cluster Exchange up and running, what will happen to get the mailboxes over ... is this process automatic.  

Thanks for tolerating my ignorant questions.  I'll go ahead and give you the points if you don't mind checking back here (I don't think we are going to do this until Monday).  

Senior Consultant, Exchange
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Thanks Kidego ... we are going to be implementing this Monday so if I have any more issues I will probably post another topic concerning this move.  

David WilhoitSenior Consultant, Exchange

I'm out of town till next Thursday at a conference, but I'll check back from time to time...

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