How To Creat 3D Clips In Flash

i want to creat a 3D clip give me a right direction about how can i do this within Flash-MX
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krishnaprathabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi bbaiub,

 Only with Flash its not very easy to create 3D Shapes and that too interactive 3D Shapes. If you are very good in Maths (I hate maths though) you can arrive at some near to 3D shapes.
What I would suggest is to use other 3D Softwares such as 3DStudio Max which has exporters to SWF files and then export them into Flash.

 I would personally suggest three softwares:

Plasma 3D - 

This has excellent support for Flash.

Swift 3D -

and Vectra 3D which is a 3D Plugin for 3DMax which can export files in Flash SWF Format.

 If you are still very particular about using Flash for 3D checkout this site : 

This has an excellent colllection of Flash 3D.

Hope this helps !

What are you trying to make and what will be the amount of interactivity with the 3D objects?
Flash is prominently 2D although you can do some 3D in it. There are also third party apps that let you create flash movies in 3D, e.g. Swift.

Here's a useful link that'll probaby help you...
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Sohel RanaCommented: is another site :

Good Luck

3-D clips in flash is all about perspective. It's just how you draw them in flash, either that, or you can do it the easy way and use a plug-in. Personally, I like actionscript, and regular flash mx, although i suggest flash mx 2004, it is much easier to align things.

Did my reply answer your question. If so please close this question or if you need some more help on this feel free to ask.

Relax with the follow ups krishna.
Flash is a vector animation program it does not really make good use of 3d.
While Swift3d is a great program that allows you to bring in 3danimations the actual z-space does not exists.

Most of these programs merely mimic z-space in a 2d animation, (Of course, the better your capabilities/program the better your output will be, thus Maya and 3dmax produce much better 3d renderings than swift3d.)

for a simple example of what what swift3d can create with flash ina just matter of minutes check out this link:
(Should the administrators have an issue with the link then simply delete it and take my apoligies.)

www.flashkit.comalso offers a great deal of tutorials that will help you in geting abetter grasp at how Flash handles 3d animation.

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