I wanted to host a phpbb board free...

Well, i've tried hosting a phpbb board, but i really cannot find a free host, it's just for me and a few others oly about 15-20 people so i only wanted about this much:

ftp account
1 mysql database
php scripting
10+ mb of space
500+ mb of bandwith

quite simple, but i can't find a free host...
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Ruff-RyderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i had a really good host b4. heres the link to him. http://lf3h.com, http://l1h.net/ . He's a good host :).
wwiifAuthor Commented:
well i have found one, but i would like to see what others there are now
i'm trying to us www.freehttp.com
There are lots of free forum hosts.

you can also search for free invisionboard hosting.  InvisionBoard is very popular (i prefer it to phpBB and vBulletin).

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yea, invisionboard is better than phpbb, but if you want, i could give you a link for a phpBB download, that you can install on your server yourself. but here, try this forum host, i use it, and like it very much! www.forumer.com :).
wwiifAuthor Commented:
WOW, i like l1.net it's GREAT!

wwiifAuthor Commented:
sorry spelt http://www.l1h.net/
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