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Popup ComboBox

I don't know if this can be done or not.  I would like a control like a combo box that lists items, but will scroll out to show subitems like a popup menu would.  Cant this be done.  If so, please elaborate as much as possible because I am still a novice with MFC.

Thanks a lot!
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Is a tree control not of use to you for this.  (Maybe in a separate modal dialog that you use to select the choice you require.)
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That is similar to what I want, but I really would like a combo box that has popup menus.  When I hover over an item, a new menu will scroll out to the side.
This is not exactly what you ask, but...
You can use edit box (read-only or not, depending on your needs) with "..." button near it. When this button is pressed, open popup menu filling it from resources or dynamically. Make this popup menu child of button or edit box. Handle menu selection and set it's result as edit box text.
What if you make a combobox and override the dropdown event and then actually create a popup menu instead of the dropdown.  Then the dropdown would be a menu and it could have sub menus.  Or does it have to be a real combo dropdown that makes sub menus?

I would really preffer to have a real combo dropdown that makes sub menus.
I still think a tree control would be fine.
I didn't realize I left this question open so long.  I never really got the answer that I was looking for, but I gave the point to AlexFM because it was the closest thing to what I was looking for.