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Migrating a Blackbery Server from Exchange 5.5 to 2003

rogerwiii asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-04

I currently run a blackberry enterprise server version for 20 users. We have a 2003 domain running in Windows 2003 native mode with a 5.5 server on NT4. We have made all the preparations to install our first Exchange 2003 server into the 5.5 organization. The CA's have been created and two-way replication between AD and the 5.5 directory has been verified.

Once the 2003 server is added to the 5.5 organization and running SRS we will begin moving users to the new server. It is not clear at that point what will happen with our blackberry users? Will the BB enterprise server see that the mailbox has been moved and continue to redirect messages? Does the BB server see the users via the 5.5 directory because the 2003 server will be running SRS or is it seen as an Active Directory user? If it does use SRS as a way to emulate 5.5 what happens when we convert to Exchange 2003 native mode and tear down the CA's and SRS? I am not sure if the BB server is capable of running in this type of mixed environment? We are not moving all Blackberry users at the same time.

Thanks for your help.


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Can you confirm that after this procedure there is no need to resync the blackberry's in their cradles to generate a security key, if this is confirmed thanks for a great solution.

My experience has been that in almost all cases you do not have to generate new keys.....the two exceptions I have encountered was with a Blackberry that had used the desktop redirector....but had not been used for several months.....and a unit that was originally configured to use TMobile's WebClient ....in that case, I had to reinstall the blackberry software and choose BES/Desktop redirection, rather than the webclient option...and it needed to generate a key.

That worked for me. I didn't need most of it, just resetting the Blackberry MAPI account and permissions on the server. I had 5.5-2000 migration on native 2000 network. I didn't even change the Blackberry server, it remained the same.
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