VPN Phase 2 fails - Netgear Prosafe client with Netgear FVS-318 VPN Firewall

I am trying to get my VPN Connection into my office from my home computer.  

Home PC is running XP with Prosafe VPN client.  Home is connected to the Internet via a shared Cable modem connection. Office is connected to the Internet via Sprint DSL connection.  I have three FVS-318 VPN Firewalls, each with their own static WAN IP address.

I have been over the configurations several times and cannot seem to find the problem.  The symptoms are:

- Successful Phase 1 completion
- Unsuccessful Phase 2 completion.

Log from the VPN Client Software:

My Connections\FVS318 - Initiating IKE Phase 1 (IP ADDR=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX) (changed for security)
My Connections\FVS318 - SENDING>>>> ISAKMP OAK MM (SA, VID 2x)
My Connections\FVS318 - RECEIVED<<< ISAKMP OAK MM (SA)
My Connections\FVS318 - SENDING>>>> ISAKMP OAK MM (KE, NON, VID 3x)
My Connections\FVS318 - RECEIVED<<< ISAKMP OAK MM (KE, NON)
My Connections\FVS318 - RECEIVED<<< ISAKMP OAK MM *(ID, HASH)
My Connections\FVS318 - Established IKE SA
  MY COOKIE f2 8b eb 4c 14 b4 b7 61
  HIS COOKIE d2 6e 47 59 7c de 67 61
My Connections\FVS318 - Initiating IKE Phase 2 with Client IDs (message id: 7FCED417)
 Initiator = IP ADDR=, prot = 0 port = 0
 Responder = IP RANGE TO/FROM=, prot = 0 port = 0
My Connections\FVS318 - SENDING>>>> ISAKMP OAK QM *(HASH, SA, NON, KE, ID 2x)

From the Firewall:

FVS318 IKE:[VPN Client_tmp22] RX << QM_I1 : XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (changed for security)
FVS318 IPsec:cannot respond to IPsec SA request because no connection is known for

I am pretty new to VPN, but I do not understand why the Firewall has no connection to the client IP, if it has already exchanged the key in Phase 1.

Any help is appreciated!
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Gareth GudgerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I found the Netgear manual to be complete utter crud.......

Safenet (who makes Softremote - repackaged as Netgear) produce a much better document for connecting to that router.

Hi dlafever,

It appears you have to configure you VPN/Firewall server to accept in coming calls from clients.
Here's some guide that may help out:

dlafeverAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the reply.  I have indeed set up a VPN connection on my FVS-318 using the instructions I found here:


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2 things I would check is to make sure the 2 networks are not using the same ip addressing scheme. And see if the client has some udp encapsulation or another form of NAT traversal.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
Glad it worked. :)
dlafeverAuthor Commented:
OK, points go to diggisaur, thanks much for you reply.  I am now able to VPN into two of the three routers I have.  The third is still a puzzle to me, but I will research farther before posting another question.

To ewtaylor, your thoughts are appreciated as well, I had checked this prior to posting however.

Off to the net...


dlafeverAuthor Commented:
OK, so I am an idiot, posting no helpful information for anyone else to find!  :((

The trick for me was in the remote client's My Identity section.  The Netgear manual is miserable about describing this area, they just give ONE example of how to use it and unfortunately it did not apply to me.  This router is not associated with an internal or external domain, so I had to make one up and put it in this field.  Then I had to fabricate a remote IP address to use and enter it here as well as on the router VPN config screen.  After that, VPN Nirvana was achieved.

Again, thanks for the replys!  And Diggisaur, thanks for the HELPFUL manual.

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