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Translucent MAC-like icons

sylviawee asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-13
How to create translucent icons likese these in Fireworks 3 or Fireworks MX?


Pleae note : Specific design like the icons called DOMAINS, FILE MANAGER, LOG VIEWER, DNS

Give step by step process and I will check it. If it works, I am willing to part with 500 points :-)
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I really don't know what you expect for an answer here.  It's pretty cut and dry.  You'd just draw your shapes and color them accordingly.  The only prob you may run into (depending on your skills with the drawing tools) is that FW won't let you save the file in an .ico format.  You'll need another tool to convert the image into an icon when you're done.  Can you be more specific with the issues you're having?



I want that translucent-transparent look (just like the design example given, ie domains, file manager, log viewer, dns)
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I'm a beginner so I tend to ask questions that may be similar to you but different to me. Everyone has it's own way of learning and if you just gotta live with that. It's either you don't reply and close both eyes and pretend you don't see this question OR you can help. I don't pay for my account just to get dry remarks for some serious questions I pose here and in the other posting of mine too.

To Blake, I really appreciate your answers. Turns out I can use the same procedures on Fireworks 3 as well, as I use Fireworks 3 and Photoshop 5.5 in the office and Fireworks MX and Photoshop CS at home. You can have the points. Thanks...

- Sylvia Wee


I in no way was intending a dry remark.  I was simply stating how I saw things.  Nothing of what I said was meant to have any implicit/explicit attack on you, or your talent as a designer.  Being that this was how I saw things, I just wanted to get a clearer idea of what you were having problems with.  Was it the shapes of the opacity?  That's all.  And as far as your other Question goes, I removed the second post you made simply because it was a verbatim repeat of this question.  Posting two questions in one thread is against the MA, but I didn't think you knew about it, so I deleted it, and explained myself.

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