HOW TO ADD our own websites in search engines?

HOW TO ADD our own websites in search engines like and other, so that by using some keywords LINKS are displayed in the result. But I want to know free methods. Is there anybody who can tell me this? thanks in advance.
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anil_uConnect With a Mentor Commented:
While nazirahmed has some good sites, the best has to be
it will submit your site to over 500 including ffa etc
You will have to create a free account, then use the 2 speed submitter (because its free) and it submits is live)
Note: create a nospam email account from hotmail or yahoo because the email address you use will get a lot of spam after this.
Submit your site, using this once everyday for about 2 weeks and you should see results

Also dont forget to use metatags
is it free...:)
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learnbetaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. But Is that possible to register free for one  of the above search engines?(URLs) May be for few months.
you were looking for free solution.... is anil U's posted link free??? if you are not sure then there was no need to accept the answer>>>>>!!
check the following link which is from my my first post and it allow you to submit your site for 14 search engines free.....!!!!!!!
the submission code is at
have a nice week end

Hi,  nazirahmed
Yes, the is free.

They also have a membership service, but why bother with that, the free service does the job, (takes little longer), but its free so you cant really complain

hahaha..i m not complaining....i m more than happy you got some points...its an open forum, open for diaogue and its the responsibility of person asking question to make things transparent. which are still not transparent. the site you mentione is free to some extend like most of the sites i posted and many many more on the internet, no one going to give you most of the feature of a serivice free of cost. If they have membership service then there are reasons to be BOTHERED with. anyway..'weldone' on getting the points... and hope to see you around on the forum for more participation :)
take care
:) hey nazirahmed, sorry, that last line came out wrong, i meant you cant go wrong with that site :)
I guess the points are just an added bonus, but if the person gets the answer they're looking for then cool.

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