URGENT!!! HELP!!! How to type chinese characters in adobe illustrator cs!!!

I want to type chinese characters in adobe illustrator cs. I'm using windows xp professional, and adobe illustrator cs software. I have installed NJ Star Communicator so that my computer can recognize the chinese type. I also installed royal pen V4.0 so that I can write the chinese characters on my pressure pad (as I don't know how to use the changjie code to input chinese characters with my keyboard). I can input chinese characters into photoshop but when I want to input chinese into illustrator the screen blinks but no words are inputted. What kind of software do I need in order to input chinese characters into illustrator?? I need a software which i can use together with my royal pen pressure pad so that I don't need to type chinese using my keyboard. (it will take me a long time to chinese type). I need this to make a poster and the printer only wants .ai format to make the film.

I urgently need a solution to this problem HELP!!!!
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cl3012Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you actually use the glyph input to make your poster?  I'm asking because I'm not sure exactly what to suggest next...  I've seen Illustrator be unhappy with Chinese character input, but unfortunately I don't have it installed on this computer.

Have you tried typing the text you need first into Word and then cut/pasting into Illustrator?
1. Uninstall NJ Star. Windows XP has its own Asian language input system that works much better.

2. Windows Control Panel | Regional and Language Options | Languages tab: Check "Install files for East Asian Languages", Click Apply.

3. In the same tab, in "Text services and input languages", Click Details.

4. In the "Installed Services" dialog, Click Add and choose your preferred Chinese input type. Choosing "Chinese (PRC)" will allow you to select "Handwiriting Recognition"/Drawing Pad.

5. If you can't see it automatically, right-click in your Taskbar and check the "Language Bar" tab. It is better to Restore the language bar to the desktop for ease of use.

6. See if you can type in your Pad using the Drawing Pad setting.

7. Alternately, you can click on the Context Menu in the language bar with Chinese (PRC) selected and choose the Phonetic keyboard from the "Soft keyboard" list. You will see a visual display of a Chinese phonetic keyboard mapped to your standard one.
woo_amyAuthor Commented:
according to your instructions I'm up to the point where I choose "chinese (PRC)" but then there isn't the "handwriting recognition" for me to choose. The only options available are chinese (singapore), chinese (hong kong), chinese traditional, chinese simplified and a few more others, but not "handwriting recognition". I tried using my drawing pad to write the letters, and then paste it on illustrator, but it still doesn't work. (the screen blinks but nothing happens).

what should I do now????

do I need to set up illustrator settings to asian languages or something like that??

please answer asap, thanks
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Do you have a font selected in Illustrator for Chinese input?  If you have installed the XP Asian languages, you should see fonts like "PMingLiU", "NSimSun", "SimHei" and others.  These should all work for Chinese.

It looks like you don't have the Alternative Text Input service installed on your comupter.  Read the bottom to see if you can install it.

But first, keep in mind that for Chinese (PRC) and Chinese (Taiwan), there is a visual keyboard available called "Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0" that is highly configurable from the Regional & Languaue Settings/Text Services menu (Click Properties with Pinyin IME highlighted).  If you can type using phonetic Chinese (either phonetic using characters or phonetic using English letters), this may be an alternate way to get this working for you..

If you can't see "Handwriting Recognition" but you have Office XP installed, you can install the service from the Office XP CD:

How to Install Handwriting Recognition if Microsoft Office XP Is Installed
  Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs.
  Click Change or Remove Programs, click Microsoft Office XP, and then click Change.
  Click Add or Remove Features, and then click Next.
  In the Features to install list, expand Office Shared Features.
  Expand Alternative User Input.
  Click the box to the left of Handwriting, and then click Run from My Computer.
  Click Update.
  When you are prompted, insert the Office XP CD-ROM into your computer's CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive, or click Browse to locate the Office XP installation files, and then click OK.
woo_amyAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've got those chinese fonts in illustrator, and I've added the Microsoft Pinyin IME3.0 to my language bar, but the same problem is there. i can input chinese into word, excel, photoshop but just not illustrator. in illustrator, under the character window, it will display the font you've selected and under that the mode you've selected for that font ex. roman, italic...but when I select a chinese font such as NSimsun, under that it's just a stroke - . but when I go to type > glyphs I can see lots
of chinese characters and when I double click on one, it is pasted on.

I still don't get why this is happening...I can't input chinese characters but when I double click the characters in the glyphs, it works
woo_amyAuthor Commented:
unfortunately, I can't use the glyph input to make my poster, cux' the words I need are not on there...I guess I can type the chinese in photoshop and then convert them to path, and then paste them on to illustrator...

thank you for your help!!!:)
Thanks for the points, sorry I couldn't be of better help.
I do follow these instructions and I am able to type chinese word in illustrator 10 and I am using Window XP.

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