Dual Boot Windows 2000 and server

Hi experts, i have a computer with 2 operating systems, when i first turn on the computer i get the optinons:

1. Windows 2000 Professional
2. Windows 2000 Server

I want to completely get rid of the Windows 2000 Server and just keep windows 2000 professional.

How can i delete all of the files from WIndows 2000 Server and just keep windows 2000 pro?? thank for your help
James HilloyaAsked:
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sr75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Since my DSL provider bites, I couldn't say what diggisaur said because I lost my connection.  So let me add an addendum

(diggisaur should get the points).  

In the Windows 2000 Professional's Disk Management (right click My Computer and click Manage), delete the partition that the SERVER is on and then recreate it and format it.  Then it will be gone.
Gareth GudgerCommented:
Are they on different partitions or the same partitions?

You can remove the SERVER boot entry by modifying the BOOT.INI.....

But need to know if on different partitions and which one is on what.
James HilloyaAuthor Commented:
they are on different physical drives,  windows 2k pro in the  cdrive and windows 2k server in the d drive........and by just modidying the boot.ini it wont  wont delete the windows 2000 server files .........i want to remove totally windows 2000 server to include deleting all of its files
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Here's how to complete the task in a few steps:
1) Edit your boot.ini file. Remove the line that ends with "Microsoft Windows 2000 Server".
2) If your default OS is the Windows Server, you should edit the line starting with "default=". Everything AFTER the equal-sign should be replaced with everything BEFORE the equal sign in the line that ends with "Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional".
3) Boot the Windows 2000 Pro and simply erase the Windows 2000 Server folder.
That's all.
James HilloyaAuthor Commented:
oopps i meant for diggisaur to get the points im sorry
Gareth GudgerCommented:
You can post in the community to get the answer changed...however I am willing to split the points 50/50 with sr75 :)
Gareth GudgerCommented:
Ok....I looked again...a whole 50 points....doesn't matter sr75 can keep em :)
Thanks Diggisaur.  But I meant for you to have them as you beat me to the punch.
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