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Javascript alter innerHTML of asp:Label control

I have:


             <img class="ImageButton" src="../image/ico_exclude.gif"
              onclick="<%# _oForm.FindControl(Page.Controls, "lblRealizacao").ClientID %>.innerHTML='This appears on the page but not on server side!!!'>
             <asp:Label id="lblRealizacao" CssClass="Description" runat="server" />


// These lines returns "" (empty) instead of "This appears on the page but not on server side!!!"
((Label) _oForm.FindControl( Page.Controls,"lblRealizacao")).Text ....
lblRealizacao.Text ....

_oForm.FindControl is simple a recursive function that search the page.controls for the ID passed in the parameter.


Thank you!
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1 Solution
Besides an unbalanced number of quotes (maybe just a typo):
onclick="<%# _oForm.FindControl(Page.Controls, "lblRealizacao").ClientID %>.innerHTML='This appears on the page but not on server side!!!'>

To use the quotes inside the onclick="";
You should use \"
For example:
onclick="<%# _oForm.FindControl(Page.Controls, \"lblRealizacao\").ClientID %>";

Besides those syntax, I'm not familiar with it enough to know why it doesn't work.
take a look at this example
this is a common way of attaching javascript to your control
3DGamesAuthor Commented:
No... the quotes are ok in the code, only here i've put some more. (this site layout sucks...)

And the example in the passed link have no usefull information on this case.
I'm using that on delete confirmation.

But here i want:
1-) that a javascript alter de value of a HTML span (asp:label).
2-) it DID it well
3-) after the post back, the value didn't came...it stayed at the client side (???)

Capice? Did I explained it well?
Sorry for my bad english.
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Information are only sent back through forms from the client. Within the forms, the information is sent through inputs. So from what I understand, the problem is that your value is in a label which is not an input field.

I think what you need to do is somehow set the value in an input field (eg textbox, button, hidden) as well as changing the text. This will require that you have a way to retrieve the value.

Hoping this helps.
3DGamesAuthor Commented:
Genius you are!!

In my ignorance I wouldn't realize it...

Glad I could help.
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