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SBS 2003 Licensing

z969307 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-19
I just installed SBS 2003, it is an OEM copy that came with the server and it has 5 Licenses, when I was installing I selected per seat and choose the # 50.
After the installation completed and when i went into server manager under licensing I only see that it is for 5 and i am not sure if it is per user or per device.

My questions is how can i tell if i have per user or per device, where can i go to chang it. I would like to keep it per device.

I have about 13 computers in the office, if I don't buy more licenses what would happen ?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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Top Expert 2005

For starters, you'll need to by a 10-pack to accomodate the 13 computers.


Do you know what would happen if I don't add the 10 licenses ?
It will prevent users from logging in once you have gone over the limit.

Only 5 users or 5 devices will be able to log into the network at any given time. The rest will be given a notification from the licence managing server.

You have to buy those licenses if you want to connect all your users to your SBS server...


Thanks, so that means not everyone would be able to connect to the network and I don't have a choice, so I will go ahead and order those.

I placed the order for 10 more per device.
But can one of you clarify for me where would I need to go in SBS 2003 to make them per device or per user ? Once I get this answer I will close and award the points thanks!
There is a different product code for device vs user CALS.  You need to decide which makes more sens for your network topology.  If users have multiple machines then per user makes more sense.  If multiple users use the same machine then per machine probably make more sense.


I have decided to go the Device route, and I ordered the Device cals, per device made more sense, we only have so many machines although more users.

Can you please let me know how i can verify the current licensing type and make sure the one i got right now will work with what i have.

You will just have to check the product ID of what you're ordering.  You can mix and match licenses as far as I know.
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OUCH! I wish you would have told me that 1 minute ago, its too late now as I bought the licenses for device and the vendor opend up the box to send me the numbers and it is NON REFUNDABALE :(.

OH well, I hate M$ for doing nonsense like this.


Is there a way to make 1/2 of them per user and 1/2 device?

I dont understand if a workstaion (device) is accessing the network resources on the server why would a user cal be required if a device cal is already being used.
Top Expert 2005

As far as I know - and I have a copy of SBS2003 - the EULA shows per user or per device - I see no distinction in product codes.

To my knowledge the distinction occurs when you order ADDITIONAL CALS.
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