why does the router require resetting

I have roadrunner, a cable modem service, 15.mb down and 128kps up.
I have the cable modem connected to the router which connects to a 48 port switch. I have about 40 computers plugged into the switch. Basically a lan getting inet access from one cable modem.. but...
every once in a while people complain they can't surf, so I have to reset the router.
Is there a reason why the router requires resetting? I've tried different brands, linksys, dlink and they all do the same thing. Eventually no one can surf and I have to drive out to the location, turn off and on the router and then all is good again.
any ideas why it does this and how to fix it?

is the fact 40 users durfing, taxing the connection too much? if so, why will it work fine for weeks and then crap out?
can I invest in a better router? or is there something I can do in the router's setup menu to make it work better?
People connecting to the switch have win2k, winme, win98, and winXP.
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yes..  I have seen this happen before with the lower end brands...  these work well in a small office setting but when you start pushing a lot of traffic through these you run into trouble...  Not knowing how much traffic you are pushing through here, you can upgrade to a Cisco, or a high end Netgear router that can handle the traffic...  If I were doing this, I would monitor the traffic for a while to determine the peak usage, and perhaps nail down what is happening when the router locks up...  Of course, all this is conjecture without seeing it for myself...

As different brands all do the same thing, I would look to the cable modem. Next time it happens you might try reseting the cable modem and see if your problem clears. If that is the case, your routers are probably not the problem.
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BTW, for 40 people I'd definately want more upstream bandwidth than 128K.
This problem is still too blured for me. when you said that the users can't surf the internet, did you do some isolation? can you still access the router via console port or by telnetting? can you ping the internet from that router? if can, please be more specific, from which port? the port that facing the internet or the port that facing your LAN?
the incidence occured on certain time? morning when everyone start to access the internet? if so, there's a possibility that your router is overloaded.
Please check also the router performance, is it suitable to carry such traffic? i read from your explanation that you have a very un-balanced load between uplink and downlink. did your router can support until 15Mb downlink? i don't think so. What interface that you used to connect to your ISP?
Basically, my point is .... i think your router is overwhelmed by the volume of traffic that passing through it. especially when all 40 users are connected at the same time and do downloading massive files.
Maybe the link is still OK before. but how about now? i think there are some major changes on your load. Maybe the ammount of traffic which could be generated by your user (intentionally) or virus (un-intentionally). did you implement access-list to secure your network and router from passing excessive ping-ing?
there are some cases that not included in your explanation. i just try to expose several possibilities.

i hope it might help you
ninja_mindAuthor Commented:
isp is roadrunner, time warner.
cable modem goes to linksys befsr41 router, and that goes to 16 port switch.
for whatever reason, all of a sudden I can't surf, but if I turn on and off the router, its all fixed. so i swapped out the router for a brandnew but the problem still happens.
when the net hangs, i can not ping the router.
if i connect the cable modem direct to my PC, same thing happens, so i concluded the problem had to be the cable modem. so i got a new cable modem.
now i'm waiting to see if the problem still happens?
hmmm - If its the router - which sits between your cable modem  - and the network stopped functioning, then you would naturally not be able to ping the modem.

First, I assume you have the latest firmware in your router.

I'm confused when you say "If I connect the cable modem direct to my PC, same thing happens."

Do you mean that you re-boot the modem, re-boot the PC and then you lose the connection without being connected to the other computers via the 48 port switch?  Or, did you just unplug your computer from the switch and plug it into the modem (which wouldn't work unless you did an IP config /renew)

If its the modem, then you should be able to go to a browser and enter (no username and password = admin) and see the status of the router (If you are still using the linksys) and try to reconnect.  

Tell me more - and tell me what the lights are indicating on the modem and the router.

I also want you to change the wires between the router and the modem and make sure they are securly plugged in.  I think our first goal is to get the modem, linksys and one computer connected and running - without the 48 port switch - and then add the switch to the mix.  

That linksys has a 4 port switch of its own, have you tried switching ports when when you lose the connection?


ninja_mindAuthor Commented:
I've tried several scenarios.
computer plugged directly to router and router to cable modem- and for no reason the internet becomes unavailable. it seems purely random as I can't make it happen, i have to wait for it. when the issue appears, i can not ping the router. but if i reset the router i can surf again.

i have taken my pc and connected it directly to the cable modem and say a day later same thing happens. I then have to reset cable modem and then i can surf once again.

i swapped out cable modem last nite and so far so good. maybe it was a bad cable modem but when my ISP checked it it came out fine, no errors or anything.
Agree Harry..  Lets take the variables out of the mix, and try to narrow down the problem to one device..
ninja_mindAuthor Commented:
oh yea, i forgot, i updated the firmware on router.
that did not seem to work so i got new router but same problem.
for some reason the net becomes unavailable for no good reason.
lets hope the new cable modem fixed it. its been almost 24 hours since the last reset.
Keep our fingers crossed...  
Ok, well...  If it works than that is the answer.

However, if it was the cable modem - then you would still be able to ping the router and enter the routers setup procedure to see that the cable modem was off line.

Its not really good for me to speculate because I don't have enough information - but right now, the only common denominator is the wiring.

If the hub is connected to the router - router goes down.
If the pc is connected to the router - router goes down
If the pc is connected to the modem - modem goes down

So if it goes down again - I want you to tell me about the indicator lights on whatever is connected to whatever.  I want to know what the lights are on the modem, and the router (if used) and the switch for the port to both the router and the PC and I want to know if (when your using the switch) you still have intranet (pc to pc withing the LAN) connectivity.  I want to know what is working as well as what is not.

I have the exact same problem with the same router and my cable modem, I only have 4 users and happens once every few weeks.  I've not found out why it happens and is not a big problem for me as I'm a home user.  I'd agree with the first post though, linksys are designed for SOHO users I think you should look at upgrading to a cisco router that offers the reliability you need.
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