How to network a WinMe and a XP Pro computer?

I am running a Celeron 2GHz system using Windows XP Pro and a Pentium 200 computer with Windows ME. I am new to networking and i am trying to figure out how to get these 2 computers to recognize each other. I would like to transfer files back and forth and share my 2 printers if possible. Any help is appreciated

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porcupinepcAuthor Commented:
Thanks. On my slow machine (P200) i can see only 3 directories on the othe rsystem (WinXP) My music, my pictures and my videos.

However on my XP system i cant see ay directories on the slow machine thats running Windows ME. Is it to do with a ip address on the P200 system? If so, what would i use for a IP address? My router OR the network card?

My music, pictues and videos are shares by defaut
On your XP, create a folder for example called 'test', right click on it, select properties, go the the sharing tab and enable this.
Now you should see this folder from the other computer.
You will be able to retrieve any files you put in this folder.

For addtional info
To test they are networked.
To test this go to the command prompt
Then type ipconfig /all
make a note of the IP address
then to the same for the other computer

Then from any computer, go to the command prompt and type
ping ip
for example

if you get reply, that means they can see each other.

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porcupinepcAuthor Commented:
Well i finally got the 2 systems talking to each other. Both machines see each others default directories IE: my music, my videos etc.

Are you able to see ALL the directories & files on the other computers OR only the default directories listed above?

By default you can see the these directories, but using the instructions provided in my previous post, you can shaer any folder, including the C drive.

Also by default c drive is shared, but its a hidden share and thats why it has a $ after the name, so... if you go to start->run-> and then type the follwing
you should get onto the c drive of that computer. Note obviuolsy you have to change the name of "ComputerName" to your own computer name
porcupinepcAuthor Commented:
Hi again:

My Moms computer which i have networked now is named:


When i type in \\Margarer\C$   i get "Network patch not found"  I even tried substituting the MARGARET ROBERTSON



Hi Again
On your mons computer, go to the command prompt again
then at the command prompt type
this will give you the name of the computer that you need to type.

So for example if the hostname is margarer
then go to start->run->\\margarer\c$

however if you hostname has a space, try using quotes
for example if the hostname is margaret robertson
then go to start->run->"\\margaret robertson\c$"

but i dont think it will have a hostname

If the hostname
Please ignore the last two line in the post above

I meant to say but i dont think it will have spaces in the hostname :)

porcupinepcAuthor Commented:
Under WinMe the run,cmd command doesnt work. I found the DOS box in which i typed in hostname and it gave a error like the command if not valid or something to that effect.

i still cant get the C drive on her machine only the SHAREDOCS directory and inside the separate directors like MY videos etc.

the hostname seems shortened   margarer
Comment: MARGARET ROBERTSON (space between each word)
Workgroup: MSHOME
User logged on: MARGARET ROBERTSON (space between each word)
Log in domain: MSHOME
Type: Microsoft Networking file and print services

I typed in \\Margarer Robertson\c$  and i got the SHAREDOCS directory but that's all. No C drive.


1. go to her computer, open my computer, on the c: drive, right click and select sharing, then select new share, type c as the name, you dont need any comments
2.  then from your other computer try this again
\\Margarer Robertson\c

alternatively, do 1 and then on the other computer
open my network places->entire network->click on 'entire content' if you dont 'microsoft windows network', if you do see 'microsoft windows network' then double click on this->open the workgroup 'MSHOME' in your case->then double click on your moms computer and you shuodl see the share c

porcupinepcAuthor Commented:
thank you very much for your help. I now have access to the other hard drive. Is is this hard to connect 2 systems that are running XP Pro or is it plug and play?

:) cool anytime.

Connecting two XP is the easiest because XP picks up the network automatically, yes like plug and play

Happy to help

Hi Joe
Now that everything is working, can you please allocate the points :)

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