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My hard drive cannot be detected everytime I boot my pc

kamagong2000 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-03
Hi, I have a 40 g hard drive with 2 partitions of 20 g each.  Just yesterday, I noticed that whenever I start my computer, it doesn't automatically detect my hard drive.  I have to manually detect it at the CMOS setup.  After that, my pc runs ok.  This happens EVERYTIME I start my computer and it's starting to annoy me.  I've already checked the cables and power supply and I found that there are no problems.  Could this be a virus problem or am I just missing something? Please help!  Thanks very much!!!
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does it happen when you do a restart from windows instead of a shutdown (and power off)? of not, try replacing your cmos battery on the motherboard. should be a 2-3 dollar part.

is it just drive settings that aren't saved? or are all other settings different (try changing your boot order or something to something  easy to notice a change on.. like hd0 only; then next time it flakes out on you see if that setting has changed too).

do you get any messages during post? like cmos checksum failed or previous boot incomplete default settings loaded?

you've "checked" cables and power supply.. but did you replace the power supply and try?

if it's not the battery or power supply, check the motherboard maker's web site for updated bios. a longshot but possibly a known problem they've got a fix for.
Well    it  sounds  like the  CMOS  Battery  maybe   going    on this  since  seems like  its not  holding  settings.   What is the make and  model  #  of  your PC ???  The  battery  should look like  a  large  wath  battery   or one that  goes  into a calculator..


might be your hard drive telling you "hey you...back up all the data on me im about to die!!!!"


sorry  download that and copy it to a bootable floppy then run it.....it is designed to read the SMART info off your hard drive

there are also a number of others that you can get for within windows......


speedfan is a in windows program that monitors temp etc  iyt also has a SMART monitor also

"Well    it  sounds  like the  CMOS  Battery  maybe   going    on this  since  seems like  its not  holding  settings.   What is the make and  model  #  of  your PC ???  The  battery  should look like  a  large  wath  battery   or one that  goes  into a calculator..


I agree, it sounds like a battery problem.

'might be your hard drive telling you "hey you...back up all the data on me im about to die!!!!" '


I suggest backing up everything like MRFIXITPC said and make sure that you replace the battery. You can also try another hard drive. Before you change the battery, but not before you backup everything, try another hard drive and see if it does the same thing.

If it does, then change the battery and try that new hard drive again.

If problems consist, then repost and tell us the results, please.

RAXMAN   that was   Shaggyb  that  said  do a backup ....  Just want to make sure the right man or  woman   gets the  credit for there  post

I know. That is why I put it in quotations. I just commeneted on it: "Lol", because I thought it was funny. Sorry for the confusion.

im a man last time i checked

I agree that your CMOS battery is going bad.  Change her out and you should be fine.


I finally found out what's wrong, I had a virus attack.  I checked the CMOS battery by looking at the system clock and it told me the right time.  I figured the problem has to be with my HD.  Then I noticed that there were certain .exe files replicating themselves into shared folders.  I had no choice but to format my HD.  After that, my problem was solved.  Nevertheless, I still appreciated the help guys.  Many thanks!!!
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