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Get main forms Classname starting from only the path to the exe ?

joyrider asked
Last Modified: 2010-04-05

i wonder if it's possible to get the classname of the window when u only have the path to the exe to start with ?

I was thinking like something like letting it run hidden, get  it's classname from the main form of the application (the exe).

Only problem is i have no clue how to even start with this, what functions i need to be looking into etc.
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The className of the window?   TForm?

Do you want the Window Caption?

Normally each application has a 'unique' caption or at least a unique part of the caption text.

If you know all of the applications at compile-time you can use WinSight (comes with Delphi) to figure out the main windows classname for each app and then use the FindWindow API function with the classname to find the main window.

    wnd: HWND;
    wnd:= FindWindow('ClassName', nil );
    //will be closed
    SendMEssage( wnd, WM_CLOSE, 0, 0 );

Note that you need to make sure the main form class for your application has a reasonably unique name, so FindWindow finds the correct window.

If you only know the Caption-Text you must use GETWINDOWTEXT for each application on system.



no it's not something like that i wan't i actually don't know the classname to start with and need to be able to find it out for any application that is selected by the program that has a main window that shows normally.

so i only know the path to exe like 'c:\games\ut2004\ut2004.exe' and i wish to find out the classname of the window from that app. I would definatly need to start the program myself in some way but the problem lies in the fact that i have no clue how i can find out the window handle of the selected program that will run from only the path ?
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thanks, and sorry for the long delay i kinda forgot about this question, just found out and test it, it works in most cases, so i can play a bit with it to set it up the way i want to.

thanks again !
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