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Text documents (grabbing the first few sentences)

rossryan asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-15
Aright, I'm going to hell for asking this question (wait for it): how can I grab the first xxx about of characters from a text (I know this one), doc, or rtf file?
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You doing this on a server?  Or can you use Word automation?
Once you get the file contents read into a string you can use Substring. No offense if you already knew this much. Substring takes two arguments - the index of the first character and the index of the last character. You could do something like


Hope that helps


It's the getting the file contents (particulary word documents) into the string that I am interested in ;).

What is word automation (api?).

I need to programmatically grab the first few sentences...i.e. I need an API or code that grabs it (for use in a program).
Word along with many other MS office products has a means of writing scripts. This is called VBA Visual Basic for applications. It's under tools/macro/visual basic editor. Perhaps this is what is meant by API?

Have you tried reading a .doc file with standard IO?

I've got to run now. If you haven't figured this out by the time I get back, I will try to help. Good luck.

>>It's the getting the file contents (particulary word documents) into the string that I am interested in ;).
That's why I asked.  If you are running a Winforms app, you can use the Word automation objects to open and manipulate a document.  Using the Word objects it is relatively trivial to grab the the first X characters.

If however you are ripping through lots of documents being uploaded to a server, this might not be the best option,
Yes I agree with the above. It depends on what kind of solution you are trying to provide. A couple years back I worked with a content managment system that published web templates from Word. It worked with a VBA script and validated documents to be published against a DTD. I didn't build it so I'm afraid I don't know much about it.


Right. Now, does this work with Office XP, or shall I install 2003? (I've been hoping to hold off on that one).
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