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Can't open .smi files on Mac OS 8.5.1, don't seem to have Disk Copy installed.

Can't open .smi files on Mac OS 8.5.1, don't seem to have Disk Copy installed.  Tried to download Disk Copy 6.3.3 from Apple but it is in .smi format, how do I insall Disk Copy without having Disk Copy installed already?
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.smi stands for Self Mounting Image. You shouldn't need Disk Copy to open it. My guess is that it's an incomplete or corrupt image and if the .smi downloaded form Apple doesn't self mount, you have something else wrong with your system.
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When I double click on the .smi file a message pops up saying cannot find the application that created .smi and then it gives me a list of programs to choose from to open the file with.  I have an imac.
Rebuild your desktop database by holding down command-option at startup until you see the Rebuild Desktop window.

.smi files are applications, they dont require another application to open them, so the error error. A desktop database rebuild may clear it up.
I hold down the button with a picture of an apple on it, and turn on the computer, I keep holding it down until it is all the way booted up but nothing happens.
command-option. Not one button, both keys. Gotta hold them both down.
Okay, that brought up the rebuild thing, and I click Yes, but it didn't help.
And that applies to BOTH .smi images? Even the one from apple?
Anything with an .smi extension it seems apple doesn't know what application to open it with, when I double click it.
Sounds like your machine needs some help. Maybe a run of Norton Disk Doctor or DiskWarrior.
Oh, I forgot to mention that all the .smi files also have an associated .rsrc file with them.
Did you download these files to a PC then transfer them to a Mac?
Yes, I downloaded them on a PC, uncompressed them with Stuffit, put them on a CD, and put them in the Mac
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Okay, but it is funny because I can't install Stuffit703 on the Mac without OS 8.6 and I can't unstuff OS 8.6 without Stuffit703.
Then you need to go back to a version of stuffit expander that supports 8.5. We used stuffit back at 7.1 so there are versions that work on that machine. I dont remember which version of the OS started including Stuffit as part of the default install.
I seem to have an older version of stuffit installed, but it won't open the archive, I will take another look.
Okay, the stuffit I thought I had didn't run.  So I said forget and took the iMac into the living room and hooked it to the router, then download the update from directly to the iMac, when I did that I could run the file directly.  It's funny because I could install IE by downloading it to a CD from the PC and installing it on the Mac, but since I added more files to the CD on my PC I couldn't run any of them on the Mac  Now I'm having another problem, I moved the Mac back into the bedroom and now it won't even turn on, I think maybe a fuse blew, I checked the outlet.  I don't think it was because of the update.  Do you know where the fuse would be?
You could probably install IE because it was compressed in a way that didn't have a resource fork.
As for not turning on, check all the plugs, wall, and back of the machine. If you unplugged the machine while it was on you may have damaged something. May have damaged something in the moving process as well. The fuses are inside the power supply and would require a replacement power supply. That's something Apple would have to send you.
Reason for the B?
I've tried to copy the compressed files to CD and extract them on the mac, but it doesn't recognize them either except for that one time when I loaded IE, so while your answer was very helpful, I'm still a little in the dark.  At any rate, it's a moot point now though unless I can get that thing to come back on.
Good new the computer started working again, I just went over and pushed the button and it came on, maybe some capacitors discharged.