An outlook express store file may be damaged.

Can you please help me 'coz whenever i open express outlook error is showin up and i cant receive or send e-mails. it's written"An outlook express store file may be damaged.Pls. use utility such as scandisk to verify & repair any damaged
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OE5 and OE6 have a proprietary binary format that makes archiving individual messages difficult. In addition, a number of people have indicated that their message folders have become corrupted and OE can not read them. Consequently, they have lost all the messages in that folder.

DBXtract.exe extracts all mail and news messages from individual dbx files. After extracting the messages one can drag them from a Windows Explorer folder into an Outlook Express mail folder.



DBXpress is a faster, more accurate, and more powerful version of DBXtract. It requires that the .NET Framework version 1.1 be installed on the user's computer. The .NET Framework can be obtained from Windows Update.

DBXpress has the following features:

1. By virtue of a new, more abstract algorithm, DBXpress is more accurate than DBXtract and doesn't require frequent updating, as DBXtract does.

2. DBXpress is roughly twice as fast as DBXtract.

3. DBXpress lets one extract from multiple .dbx or .dbt files with a single click, and allows extracted messages to be segregated by originating folder.

4. DBXpress has search capabilities, so one can locate all .dbx and .dbt files on a single hard drive, including hidden files.

5. DBXpress can be run via command line invocation to allow for unattended extraction.

6. DBXpress can bypass a drive's file system and extract messages directly from the hard drive, enabling extraction of messages from deleted files, or from drives whose partition table has been damaged, or from drives that have been formatted.


Easy Outlook Express Repair

    Easy Outlook Express Repair is a utility for restoring damaged folders in Outlook Express. If Outlook Express cannot find your messages in its folders, you can use Easy Outlook Express Repair to get your messages back as well as to recover the damaged Outlook Express folders.
     If Outlook Express data files (dbx files) are somehow damaged and you cannot use Outlook Express to view the messages stored in its folders, Easy Outlook Express Repair will help you to extract messages from the damaged folders and save them to the disk. The saved messages can be viewed in Outlook Express and/or imported to any other mail client. Using the program does not require any special skills.
Or you can use the following:
Advanced Outlook Express Repair v1.2

Advanced Outlook Express Repair (AOER) is a powerful tool to recover Outlook Express emails from corrupt dbx files and mbx files. It can repair dbx/mbx files and recover emails in them as much as possible, so to minimize the loss in file corruption.

Hope this helps.
Hi there,

Sounds like you're pst file is damaged. You can try using scanpst.exe. It's located here...

c:\program Files\Common Files\System\Mapi\1043\NT.

It's normally used for Microsoft Outlook, but it might work with Outlook Express..
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