Permissions with my FTP...

Hi, i'm back

i've set up an ftp server on my mandrake 10.
Now i've forwarded port 21 on my router.
If I type my internal IP , everything works fine...
If I type my external IP, it's not alright.

He gives the following error:
"An error accurred reading the contents of the folder. Make sure the file name is vlid and you have permission to access the location specified.
Details: A connection with the server could nog be established"

How can i get external on my ftp, (my port 21 is forwarded)
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Karl Heinz KremerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure that you use passive ftp on your client.

How are you testing your external IP address? If you do this from within your private network, it may not work (this depends on how your router handles this). You need to test this from a computer that is external to your private network.
For a passive FTP connection, which is the only thing that makes sense for clients accessing your FTP server from the Internet, you need port 21 accepting inbound connections and forwarded to your server and ephemeral ports (>1024) allowed and forwarded. Since forwarding all of the ephemeral ports will pretty much eliminate Internet access for other clients in the LAN you need to be using an FTP server that allows a limited range of ephermeral ports to be configured, for example ProFTP.

For a good explanation of what happens in an FTP session see
koenvdlAuthor Commented:
I've configured vsFTP on my mandrake workstation...

at my selfmade router pc,
when I typ: , i'll see my pub...
when I typ: , he sais that error.

My port is at my Win2000 SP4 self made router forwarded with the windows services...
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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
I just tried to connect to the IP address you specified, and entered ftp/ftp as user id /password and then got the error message that the password was not correct. Besides the slow speed, it looks like I'm able to connect to your ftp server.
Connecting is one thing and actually doing something is another. With only port 21/TCP allowed and forwarded to the FTP server you can login and do any operation that doesn't require a data transfer, like "ls", "dir", "get", "put", etc. For a data transfer to occur the PASSIVE client must be able to open a connection to the FTP server using an ephemeral port.
koenvdlAuthor Commented:
@khremer: That wasn't my was just an IP in my mind :)
@jlevie: yes , but i can't do a data transfer,when i can't connect external...
and internal the datatransfer work perfectly.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Have you tried to connect from a machine that is not on your subnet?
jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
> @jlevie: yes , but i can't do a data transfer,when i can't connect external...

Right and that would be because your firewall isn't allowing external clients to connect on an ephemeral (>1024) port. Opening and forwarding all of the empheral ports (1024-65535) would make inbound FTP work, but it will break all other Internet access. If your FTP server can be configured to listen on a subset of the ephemeral ports, say 50000-65535, (ProFTP allows this) you can open & forward that range to the FTP server.
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