Intel Motherboard Guru Needed ASAP

I got a couple of questions. I ordered the D865GBFL (Or at least thought I did from Newegg, but the board says 865GBF/865PERC and Intel doesn't even list an 865GBFL on their site). Here is my configuration: I am running an Intel P4 1.6 400FSB Processor. I have 1 512MB Stick of Kingston DDR333 in DIMM 0 On Channel A (Closest to the Processor). The processor is a known good. Can't say that about the RAM. I Have two HDD's on the Primary IDE set as Master and Slave and A DVD ROM and CDRW on IDE 2 Set as Master and Slave. The Board was an OEM board so I got no manual for it, just an insert. I can find nowhere to connect the front speaker to hear any POST beeps and when I power the system up I get nothing. Fans spin up...CPU and Rear Chassis, HDD and Power Lights illuminate but I get no video signal to the monitor. Since I have no speaker I can't even begin to try to troubleshoot the problem.

So, I need someone to help me figure out where the front speaker connects to so I can troubleshoot why this board is not posting, Or do the post beeps come from the rear audio connectors? Is this board strictly dual channel? Do I have to have another stick of RAM in the B Channel slot 0? bigguy44 said he has used Intel boards for 2 years and they are rock solid. If this is my first experience I don't think I will be using them.

Does someone have a pdf of a manual for this board they can e-mail me or a link to d/l one? I couldn't even find one on Intel's site to d/l and their support leaves a lot to be desired.  
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SnowguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I did not thin you were rude. :)
Any how no post could be from a bad power supply cpu or ram.
The fact that you get no beep error I would look at the PSU and CPU.

This is how I check a no post pc with out bios beeps. Remove All unnecessary hardware. But Cpu RAM and video card.  Verify power supply is working (very important step).  

The fans and drives run on 12v. The power supply has 3 voltages 12v 5v and 3.3v. If you loose the 5v or 3.3v it can still act as if it is powering up.  What happens is you don't get power to ram vga or cpu. this is why when the PSU dies or is weak you usually don't get any post warning beeps or video.

Verify System speaker is properly attached (this should not be a problem as it is on the MB)
If no go and no beeps replace cpu with a known to work cpu or test on known working system
If no go and no beeps replace motherboard.
By now you should  get POST or a warning beep of some type.
Be it ram or video.
Look here.
Page 140
The speaker is mounted on the mother board.
Make sure the power supply is set for the corect voltage.
Or try a known working  unit also you may want to strip it down to the minimum hardware to POST.
If that is not the correct document try this one.
Page 128.
The speaker is mounted on the mother board.
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valekhawkeAuthor Commented:
Well, if that being the case I get no beeps whatsoever.
valekhawkeAuthor Commented:
By the way, forgive me for being rude...thank you for the links snowguy.
valekhawkeAuthor Commented:
Okay, I need a moderators help here. Thanks to Snowguy providing me with a link to d/l the manual for the motherboard, I have - I believe I have solved the problem. I was using a stick of PC2700 DDR and according to the manual, if I am using a 400 FSB processor - which I am - then it says I can only use PC2100 / DDR266. So that would probably explain why I was getting nothing (However I still think I should have gotten some kind of BIOS Beep Code). My quandry is that while Snowguy did not directly answer my question or solve my problem, he enabled me to find the answer myself which means I solved the problem myself. You see where this is going? Which answer should I accept and should I give him all the points (which I don't mind at all)?
You may want to leave the Q open intel you know for sure it is the PC2700 DDR causing the problem. Other Experts may have some other ideas
If you remove the ram do you get a beep error?

As for getting a refund or whatever you decide you will need to ask a 0 point Q in Community Support for help on this.

What's the right grade to give?

lists PC2700 RAM as being compatible with an Intel D865GBF motherboard.  I also strongly doubt the general premise that putting faster-rated RAM in a motherboard will not work, because I use PC4000 RAM in one of my systems that is rated for PC3200.

Since these parts are new, how do you know if either works at all to begin with?  DOA is still a phenomenon observed in the electronics industry.
valekhawkeAuthor Commented:
You are absolutely right Callandor, it does support PC2700 DDR - For 533 and 800 FSB Speeds, only PC2100 for 400FSB Speeds. Here is the copy/paste from the manual that Snowguy posted in his first reply to me. Page 22...

Table 5. Supported System Bus Frequency and Memory Speed Combinations
To use this type of DIMM… The processor's system bus frequency must be…
DDR400 800 MHz
DDR333 (Note) 800 or 533 MHz
DDR266 800, 533, or 400 MHz
Note: When using an 800 MHz system bus frequency processor, DDR333 memory is clocked at 320 MHz. This
minimizes system latencies to optimize system throughput.

I think I will follow Snowguy's suggestion though and leave the Q open until I get the correct RAM installed and see if that indeed is my culprit.

Thanks so much for all the input everyone.
valekhawkeAuthor Commented:
Okay, I am going to award the points to Snowguy. After I was able to obtain a known good stick of RAM I still got no POST Beep. Leaving only the processor and Power Supply. I put the processor in another board with the same power supply and the system POSTED immediately. I have RMA'd the motherboard and am waiting for the refund now. I'll stick with Asus boards. Bottom Line is it was the board that was dead from the factory.
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