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Window 2000 Terminal Service - Cannot connect to terminal server

Jlopez025 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-04-13
Windows 2000 Enviroment.  I have one terminal server and one DC.  I can connect from the terminal server using the terminal service client; however, i cannot connect from the DC to the terminal server.  The PDC is in Administration Mode, and the terminal server is in application mode.  I have installed and activated the terminal server licensing server on the DC.  I have reinstalled the terminal service.  I can do a tracert from the Terminal Server to the DC; however, when i do a tracert from the DC to the terminal server, I get "Transmit Error Code 65".  For testing purposes I changed from Application mode to Administration mode, but i still got the same error.  When trying to connect to the terminal server I get "The Client could not connect to the terminal server.  The server may be too busy.  Please try connecting again"  I have check DNS and I can ping by name and IP from both servers.  Need Help.  Thank you.
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From what I have been reading about this "Transmit Error Code 65", they talk alot about a zone alarm firewall and ICS.


Thank you.  I know that Zone Alarm was installed on the DC. I have shut this down, but I still cannot connect.  It seems that the terminal server is not seeing the DC.  It needs to be able to see it, so it can confirm that a License server does exist on the network.  Do you think it would be necessary to uninstalled Zone Alarm?
I would uninstall it anyways.  A lot of the time you disable something or shut it down but it stays resident.  Are you using ICS?


I am not using Internet Connection Sharing.  Completely uninstalling it would be the only thing left to do.  If that does not work, reinstalling the OS would be my next option.
the terminal server is not running a firewall is it?

So how is itr set up?

                [TERMINAL SERVER]

give an example of how it is set up.
You will have to completely uninstall ZoneAlarm from the DC, and also from the Terminal Server if it is running there.


The terminal service does not have a firewall.  I turned off zone alarm and changed the Terminal server to Administration mode, and I was able to get in.  But i still cant get in when is set to Application mode.  It tells me that the server disconnected my session.  In my opinion, this would be because the server can't see the licensing service, due to zone alarm being installed on the server.  I will uninstall it a will let you know how it went.  Thank you for your quick responses.
Ah, that most surely what it is.  Check the Event Log on the Terminal Server for event IDs 1000 or 1004, and if you see those then it is definitely a licensing issue.
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